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A couple of weeks ago I decided to challenge myself to “make” at least one photograph a day, for a year!  I really enjoy photography but feel like I want to better understand how to “make” a great photo.  That is to purposely take a picture in a specific way, with specified camera settings…as apposed to snapping pictures in auto or in my case, having my husband do the settings for me.  The best way to get better at taking pictures is to….well….take pictures!  So, off I go!
This week’s theme at the Trendy Treehouse is Hands:
I love little hands, boy’s hands, girl’s hands, chubby little baby hands!  They are so cute!  In this photo my son’s hands hold a baby chick at a farm.  He loved holding the chicks so much it was hard to drag him away to see some of the other farm animals.  I am linking this photo to:


This week’s challenge at Simplicity is Flowers and/or Leaves: 
This photo shows the mixed seasons we are experiencing here in Minnesota.  The leaf is a leftover from fall, there is ice on the leaf from winter and it is laying in a puddle of water which is hopefully a sign of spring!  I am linking this photo up at:

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    Aw. That’s so cute. We’ve never taken the kids to a farm with chick’s, but the farm supply store with chicks and bunnies and my kids love it too. I love your capture!

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