Headband Display For Craft & Boutique Sales

I’ve been busy…as you can see for this pile of headbands!  This evening we will go set up our booth for the craft sale on Saturday.  I thought I would show you how I am tagging and displaying my headbands with the hope that it can help some of you!  First, I bagged all of the headbands.
 Using Microsoft Word, I made a sheet of tags. I made them so that I can fold over them over top of the bag with my logo on the front and the price on the back.  I printed the page out on full sized sheets of label paper.
 I cut the tags with my paper cutter and attached them to the bags.  Then, using a paper punch, I put a hole in the top, middle of each label.

 I took metal paperclips and bent the loop back so that it made a hook.  I slipped the long end of the paperclip through the holes in a screen.

I hooked all of the headbands on a old, salvaged window screen.
I like that when someone walks up they can see the headbands at a glance.  It is easy to find the one they want and grab it off the screen.

Do you do craft or bazaar sales?  Have any great display ideas to share?

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