Lightscoop Giveaway & Review {Bloggy Birthday Party}

Since I’ve been doing photography posts on Thursday, I thought the next giveaway would be perfect for today!

Have you ever heard of the Lightscoop?  One of the big problems people face when taking pictures is not enough light!  So, when a room is too dark the flash gets used, just like I talked about last month How To Add Light When Taking Photographs.  The problem using direct flash is that the light is too intense and makes the subject washed out, causes red eyes and dark shadows.

The Lightscoop is a low tech device that redirected the light from a camera’s pop up flash to bounce off of the ceiling or a wall to create a softer more flattering light.  I was lucky to be sent a Lightscoop to try on my Nikon DSLR and let you know what I thought.  Yay!!

Here is what it looks like on my camera.  My pop up flash is in the up position and the light will bounce off the mirror.  I was worried about being able to figure out how to use the Lightscoop but a set of detailed instructions came with it and I had no issues!

You’ve heard me talk about my external flash, which I LOVE!!  But, besides being expensive to purchase, my speedlight uses 4 AA batteries to run and it goes through them fast!  It the batteries start to wear out…the flash takes forever to recharge and becomes less powerful.  So, I am really excited to have another option!  The Lightscoop slid onto my camera’s hot shoe which is the same place I would attach my external flash.

Now for the real question…what did I think?  Well, let me show you a couple of examples because as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

I took this picture using my pop up flash directly at the booties.  This seems like an okay picture until you see the difference in the one taken with the Lightscoop.

Same booties, same spot using the Lightscoop…much better!

Smarties in a jar with the direct Pop Up Flash…notice the bright spot on the wall above the jar and the bright spots on the jar.

Smarties in a jar with the Lightscoop!

Can you see what a difference this device made?  Amazing, isn’t it?  I am impressed!  I’ve shown you how I use reflectors to add light but explained that it is hard to hold the reflector and take the picture, by myself.  With the Lightscoop attached to my camera, I have both hands available for taking the shot.  The Lightscoop is affordable ($29.99) especially when compared to speedlights and studio lighting plus it’s portable!  It comes with a small bag to protect it.  This is going to be a permanent fixture in my camera bag!

Want your own Lightscoop?

Lightscoop has offered to give one of The Gunny Sack’s followers their own Lightscoop and they have given me an exclusive discount code TGS15  for 15% through 3/23/12.  Enter the code TGS15 during checkout at

How to enter giveaway:
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You can do all 3 or just do one method of entry…but be sure to leave your email address (if it isn’t publicly linked to your profile) so I have a way of contacting you!

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Giveaway open to US residents only. Contest ends on Thursday, March 15th at 11:59PM CST.  Winners will be chosen via and contacted within 24 hours of the contest’s end via email.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated monetarily for this review although I received a free Lightscoop to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I like using minimum add ons to get better results!

  2. The lightscoop brings more light to capture better pictures without the harm the flash does.


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  5. This would be so awesome!!! I hate fiddling with other flashes, but hate the direct lighting from the pop-up. I would love to try this out.

    I liked LightScoop, and had already liked Gunny Sack on FB.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. I like that it’s low tech, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere – would definitely help in my low-lit living room.

  7. I think this would help me in creating pictures where the lighting more accurately portrays the color. It seems to enhance that. Cool!

  8. and I am a Gunny Sack fan on FB :-)

  9. This would be a great present for a friend of mine! She’s always complaining about her flash. :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  10. I would use this because by the time I get home from work, the lighting there is no natural light in my house that allows for the kind of pics I want. I have to either use the fluorescent light downstairs, or save all picture taking for the weekend.

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  12. This would hopefully help me cut back on having to do so much editing.

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  15. I would use the lightscope for pictures I take for my blog. I try putting my hand over the flash or something in front of the flash to cut down on the brightness but that doesn’t always work. This looks perfect for what I am doing and need.

  16. I like how the lightscoop makes the pop-up flash less harsh.

  17. I am a Face book fan of yours already and I have become a facebook fan of lightschope.

  18. I love how Lightscoop balances the light on the pictures.

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  21. I like that I will not have to hold my hand over the flash! This looks very small and easy to use.

  22. I would like the light scoop because it would help make my photos look more professional.

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  24. Never heard of a lightscoop but seeing it and the differences makes total sense. Would LOVE to win one.

  25. This would let me take so much better pictures of my baby niece!

    allison1110 at

  26. I would absolutely love this! I purposely don’t take pictures with the flash on for this very reason. With the lightscoop, I would be able to take great pictures and use the flash!

  27. how neat is this.. no worrying about batteries for an external flash… great for parties etc

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  32. I love that the Lightscoop is an inexpensive way to get more quality photos! I am so impressed with what I have seen it do! (And I am a new follower!)

  33. I like Lightscoop on Facebook.

  34. I LOVE lightscoop adn ahve wanted one for a while now. Heard about them on a blog ages ago… its been on my list ever since (But you know how life gets in the way of the things we WANT) This might possbly alow me to tak some decent indoor photos, since my house has very poor lighting (at the moment… reno plans in progress)

  35. I liked Lightscoop on FB

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  37. I follow the gunny sack

  38. I would love to have a simple and fast way to add more light indoors when overhead lights aren’t enough! I’ve tried putting tissue paper over my flash to soften it, but that doesn’t always work well. Thanks for the chance!!

    I like Lightscoop and The Gunny Sack on facebook, too!!!

  39. I hate taking night pics. because they always come out sooo dark so the Lightscoop would be a life save or should I say a pic. saver lol!!!

    My email is missclafalaise@gmail but I am following you via GFC as Priiincesss.

  40. What a great product! Thank you for such an awesome giveaway.

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  43. I have liked lightscoop In my last post I forgot to say how I would use this product – I take glass shots and it will cut down the glare

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  46. I just got my first DSLR and light is a huge problem for me… especially since all of the pictures I take are at night. This would really help me take quality photos!

  47. I would love lightscoop because I am not a great photoshopper, this would make it so much easier and real!

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  50. I SO want one of these! I am always shuffling furniture around the house trying to find the “perfect” spot.

  51. I’ve been looking at external flash options cause I hate using my pop up, this looks great! It would definitely help me for those tricky indoor shots and low light. Thanks for sharing :)

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  56. I love the effect it had on the picture with the red wall & candy jar! That is exactly what happens in many of my pictures but I never knew how to fix it! The Lightscoop would be perfect!

  57. I can never get my lighting right, so this will help!

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  59. I like Lightscoop on FB!

  60. I like The Gunny Sack on FB!
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  61. I take all my kids’ portraits, so this would help me get even better photos.

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  64. Oh I NEED one of these! I’ve been thinking about buying one but winning one would be even better! I would use this to improve photographing pictures of my blog!
    kittycatsandairplanes at gmail dot com

  65. I liked them on facebook!
    kittycatsandairplanes at gmail dot com

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  67. Would love to improve my pictures..i have to edit often and would love for the true colours to show…many thanks for the chance to win…i’m a follower
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  68. I’ve been wanting to try one of these for FOREVER! I would love to be able to take better pics for things I’m selling on craigslist :)

  69. I like that I’ll be able to take better night pictures of my kids. My indoor night pictures always come out horrible, having a Lightscoop will be so helpful. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

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  71. If I win it, I can sit there looking pathetic telling my husband how sad it is that I don’t have the camera to go with it. I am bound and determined to get a better camera!

  72. This is a cool tool! I think I need it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. I have been using a business card to get this effect. Heading over to fb. Will be following your blog too.

  74. wow…amazing what the lightscoop cn do!

  75. WOW, this is awesome.
    I’m an amateur in the photo world, but I love it!
    My hubby is an artist of the painterly variety and we are always trying to get great shots of his work..>
    This would be an incredible tool.
    LOVE it!

  76. Wow! The Lightscoop would make my pictures go from dull to bright! That would be great!

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  79. I love the effect you get with this!

    Carol B

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    Carol B

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  91. There are times that I know I need to use a flash but I hate how it looks, the lightscoop looks like it is a great answer.

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  93. I liked lightscoop on FB.

  94. I liked lightscoop on FB.

  95. Woo hoo. I had seen one of these last year but lost the link and I could not remember what it was called, I have wanted one since then so I hope I win!

  96. OMG, I think this is exactly what I need to take indoor photos. I usually manage to take pretty good photos outside, but inside, forget it. Thanks for introducing me to this affordable solution and the chance to win one.

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  99. Happy bloggy birthday! I would use it to help take better pictures of food.

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  108. This would help out with my photos sooo much! I’m a FB follower :)

    Angela @ A little about A LOT

  109. I take lots of indoor photos of children and animals and I think the Light Scoop could really improve the quality of my pics. Thanks for the chance to win!

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  112. I am a new photographer. I really appreciate all your tips! I have struggled with this same light issue and didn’t know what to do about it. The lightscoop looks like the perfect solution!

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