How To Make Your Own Washi Tape Tutorial

There are so many great washi tape ideas out there but it isn’t always easy to cute patters. So how about a tutorial for how to make your own washi tape? I used patterned napkins and tissue paper to make it!
Make Your Own Washi Tape

 Since this month’s Pinspired and Rewired contest theme is washi tape and I’ve wanted to try to make my own washi tape for quite awhile now after seeing it in several different places like here at Nifty Thrifty Things.  I figured there was no time like the present to try it out but this isn’t truly washi tape…its more like decorator tape since I didn’t use washi paper.

Making the washi tape is very basic and requires just a few supplies:

Double Sided Tape
Waxed Paper
Tissue Paper or Napkins
Cardboard Tube

Several years ago the company my husband worked for was throwing away some rolls of double sided tape and he scooped them up.  So, far I haven’t even gone through a single roll and that is what I used for this project.  But if you aren’t so lucky as to have a stash of double sided tape, it is available everywhere from stores like Target and Walmart to Michaels and even at office supply stores.  You can even buy it with a backing on one side and that would eliminate the need for the waxed paper.
Put strips of doubled sided tape on the waxed paper and then cut them out.
Next, place strips of tape on the tissue paper or napkins with the sticky side down.  I found some cute tissue paper at Target but I was expecting a bigger selection.  As I was searching around from some more designs, I spotted some adorable napkins and knew they would look cute too.  I also found some tissue paper in the dollar section.
Then, cut any excess paper off the tape.
DIY Washi Tape
Cut the cardboard tube to the width of your washi tape and wrap the tape around it.
Secure it with a twist tie.
When you want to use a piece, peel off the waxed paper backing.

Washi Tape Ideas

The DIY washi tape turned out so cute that I can’t wait to make some more!

 Have you tried using washi tape yet?

Here are a couple more Washi Tape Ideas:


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  1. I’ve been wondering how I could get hold of something like Washi tape it seems such a good idea, but I am in England and haven’t come across this product, there is some thing similar in very limited designs and colours.4 of each. So thank you so very much for showing us this technique. I am doing designs with some nice fine fabric at the moment so I will definitely be using some of the left over scraps for your brilliant idea. my best regards Janet.

  2. Thank you for instructions on making my own “washi tape”. I love the idea but had trouble finding what I wanted.

  3. so what about the wax paper do we stick it on the paper tissue??

    • Hi Maziah,
      You use double sided tape to make the washi tape. One side of the double sided tape will have waxed paper on it and the other side will have tissue paper.
      1) Put strips of double sided tape on the waxed paper and then cut them out.
      2) Next, place the strips of tape on the tissue paper or napkins with the sticky side down.
      3) Then, cut any excess paper off the tape.
      I hope that helps! ~Tonia

  4. michelle says:

    This is very cute but to call it homemade washi tape seems a bit off base. Washi tape is made out of nontoxic adhesive, is reusable and not made out of plastic Tape.

  5. Just wanted to let you know I posted a link to your blog on a website I blog for, I thought your tutorial was interesting and helpful, I just recently discovered this Washi tape trend.

  6. Magdalene says:

    Thank you so much to this! I’ve wanted to make my own washi tape for a long time but this is the first tutorial I’ve found that you can do with supplies that normal people actually have. Can’t wait to try this!

  7. Michelle Vidal says:

    Ah!!! Eu adorei!!!
    Muito obrigada por compartilhar!!!

  8. Oh I forgot to mention I pinned this on my “Tipster” board on Pinterest. Hope that was ok!

  9. Washi tape is expensive! It’s $2.59 for the skinny roll. I just spent 30$ on washi tape!! Man, this post is great for me! Doin this in the future an I can make tape I like an need!! Thanku for sharing!

  10. Love, love, love this idea. I just bought some double stick rug tape–it’s thin and very sticky and 1 1/2 inches wide. Might try a little tissue paper on this, I collect cute tissue paper, so I have a good stack. Thanks for the tip about using a paper towel roll holder and the wax paper. You are a keeper!

    • Thanks, Bobbie! Happy to have you along for the ride and best of luck with the washi tape. I would love to hear how the rug tape works out!

  11. What a clever idea! I love washi tape but thought the cost was a bit high for my budget, now I can make my own! Woohooo! Now, how do we do fabric sticker sheets?

  12. Wonderful idea and thanks for a great tutorail – am off to do it NOW…

  13. OMG! I have been wanting to jump into the Washi tape thing, but seriously have not found any patterns that speak to me, or prompt me to actually spend the money! You clever girl, I would have never thought of this! Love IT!

  14. So many possibilites. Thank you for posting this.

  15. I’ve seen tutorials before on tape to mimic washi tape, but they all used normal paper. I love that you use tissue paper and thinner papers to actually mimic the see-through properties of washi tape. Definitely will have to try this (:

  16. I really want to give this a try! Can I pin it to my Crafts board on Pinterest? Thanks so much :)

  17. Great idea! So simple and cute! Love it! I begged a friend to bring me back the real stuff from Japan, but when I finish with that, I am going straight to trying this! :) Thank you!
    Jessa @ Shalom Sweet Home

  18. This is a great idea. I am featuring it at

  19. OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! I will use it for my penpal letters!!

  20. WHAT?!! NO WAY! SO so so amazing!! You are a genius!

  21. Thanks for sharing! This is so easy and looks so cute. I did my own creation yesterday using thread instead of tissue paper. It looks really cool! I even tried writing letters with the thread and with some patience the result is amazing. Thank you again :-)

  22. Absolutely love this idea!

  23. How cute! I don’t think I will be able to use plain tape ever again! I know it’s been quite sometime since this tutorial BUT…I buy my double sided tape at the dollar store & the 99¢store in southern California. You may not get as much tape but it’s cheap so I don’t bother figuring it out. :) Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  24. Love this tutorial..those Faux washi tapes look so pretty…Thank you so much for sharing :)

  25. These are too cute. Thanks for the tutorial! Husg! xx

  26. you can also make printed “washi” tape by using paper tape from the medical aisle and stamping it with your favorite patterns from your rubber stamps. just roll it out onto wax paper and stamp away! Then trim away wax paper and roll as you said.;)

  27. Love this. So simple to make. Think I’ll have to try this myself. Thanks for sharing. I would love if you linked it up to my new link party.


  28. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing, will definitely have to try!

  29. That is amazing! BRAVO!

  30. I so want to try this Tonia. I love your tutorial.

    Anne xx

  31. LOVE your tutorial and the DIY aspect of making your own tape!!!

  32. Love this tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing this. Washi tape is my newest obsession so being able to make my own will be fun.

  33. I haven’t tried using it yet…but this is one of several tutorials I’ve seen on making it and love the idea. Yours are so pretty!

  34. Tonia this is genius! I love it and can’t wait to try it!

  35. Yes! This is great! I am so excited to make my own!

    I have a brand-new link party and I would love for you to share this!

    Thanks – Sarah

  36. Genius!! Thanks for the how to Tonia!!

  37. Yay Tonia, I LOVE this! I need to make some of my own, the possibilities are endless. :) Thanks for sharing the how-to!

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