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My family has a tradition for celebrating birthdays.  Rather than getting the entire family together for every birthday, we celebrate month by month.  In May, we have 5 family members with birthdays…my husband, my sister, my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law and my niece.  So, for May’s celebration, I accepted the Glad One Bag challenge.  What is the Glad One Bag Challenge?  It is all about trying to fit all of your party remnants into 1 bag!  To help with the challenge, Glad sent me this fantastic kit.  I couldn’t believe how much stuff was in the box!
Before the day of the party, I did some brainstorming on ways to reduce the party waste.  One of the ways, is to reuse items you already own.  I made a silverware caddy by taking plastic canisters from the bulk size cashews we buy.  I washed the canisters, removed the labels and added washi tape.  I also used a blue plastic tray that I owned.  I added washi tape to the tray to make it look more festive.
Well, the party was going to be held at my house but the weekend that we were planning on having it, we got sick and another family went out of town.  So, we ended up celebrating at my brother’s house….and instead of having a little more than 30 people, there were 57 people!  I brought my Glad One Bag kit with.  The kids had a blast playing on the swing set, on the trampoline, holding kittens and playing with balloons.

Another way to help reduce waste at a party is to serve food that is from larger containers as opposed to individual containers.  Although there were some cans of pop at the party, there were way more 2 liters as well as juice and water in pitchers.
We put out a Sharpie so that everyone could write their name on their cups.  That way, they could continue to reuse the same cup for refills instead of taking a new one each time they need something to drink.
The salads were served from bowls and containers that we already owned.  The chips were served directly out of the bags.  It was a casual party, as you can see.
I was sent 2 different sizes of plates and we put both sizes out for lunch.  The large size was for the adults and big kid, the small size was for the little kids.  Another way to reduce waste is to use a slow cooker instead of disposable aluminum pans and containers that are often seen at parties.  A slow cooker keeps the food warm and can be reused for years!
Later in the day we had dessert!  I am getting hungry as I type this just looking at all of the delicious choices!  Starting in the far left corner and going clockwise, is a homemade mocha ice cream cake, ice cream, homemade chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, homemade cereal bars, store bought sheet cake and homemade whoopie pies!  Again, desserts were served in containers we already owned except for the ice cream and the cake, neither of which was completely gone at the end of the party.
Okay, so how did I do with the challenge?  I failed :(  BUT there are a few reasons for that.  First of all, not everyone knew about the challenge so while I was sitting down eating, someone who was trying to be helpful, brought out a bag of trash out.  I was not about to go dig through the garbage can, open the bag and try to fit more in.  The second reason is that there were 25 more people at the party than I was planning for.  Don’t get me wrong…that was awesome and since everyone brought food to share it worked out great.  But 25 additional people create a large amount of additional trash.  So, once the first bag was brought out, I went on garbage patrol.  My mom taught me to stack disposable cups and nest paper plate in the trash so that WAY more garbage will fit.  I think that we did a fantastic job with reducing waste!
Here is a picture of the trash before I left the party.  In the picture above, the garbage can was placed in a convenient spot with easy access but later in the day it was put back into the kitchen cabinet where it belongs.  In the back you can see the place where pop cans are kept.  My nephew collects the can and turns them in for cash.  Recycling is another great way to reduce party waste!  Be sure to recycle everything you can because each item recycled is one less item in the trash.  The Glad Bags I received worked great!  The stayed put in the garbage can and didn’t rip or tear even though they were stuffed full!  It is important to incorporate these tips into everyday life as well as additional eco friendly ideas such as using buying secondhand and donating what you can no longer use!  That is something we’ve always done.  If we teach our children to reduce their waste from the time they are young, it will become second nature to them before they even grow up! To learn more tips visit Glad’s website.
I received paper plates, platters and bowls, biodegradable plasticware and cups, 2 packs of Glad trash bags, a bottle of Green Works cleaner, napkins, a canvas bag, a yummy smelling soy candle and a portable, collapsible cooler!   We always use Glad trash bags because they are the best…they stay in place and never tear.  The 2 boxes of bags will last us a long time.  I am not familiar with Green Works cleaner but look forward to trying it out.  I love candles so the soy candle probably won’t last
long.  And I love the green collapsible cooler!  We are going to use that all summer long!!

Do you do a lot of summer entertaining?  Glad has offered to send one lucky follower of The Gunny Sack, their own Glad One Bag Party Kit!

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