Yarn Stitched Family Pillow

Happy Friday and Happy November! Do you have big plans this weekend? Yesterday did a little shopping with my mom and we stopped at a baby boutique called O Baby! to check out the adorable clothing and nursery items they were selling. If you are ever in Edina, Minnesota, be sure to stop by their store in the Galleria because everything is just so cute! One of the ideas was yarn stitched shirts and pillows. So, I got home and just had to try it. I decided to do the yarn stitching on a ruffled throw pillow.

I cut two rectangles that measured 24″x15″ and two that measured 24″x4″.

Using a water soluble marker, I wrote family in cursive in the center of one of the 24″x15″ rectangles.

I laid red yarn along the writing and zig-zag stitched along the yarn.

ย I ruffled the 24″x4″ inch rectangles using my sewing machine. To ruffle with a sewing machine, turn the stitch length to the largest number (mine was 4.5) and the tension to the largest number (mine was 9). Then, just sew as you normally would and let the machine do the work!

Then, I sewed a ruffle to each side of the yarn stitched rectangle, right sides together. I cut off any extra ruffle once I got to the end.

Next, I made a “ruffle sandwich” by sewing on the second 24″x15″ rectangle with the ruffle in-between. Then, I sewed the top and the bottom pillow seams, leaving a small opening. I turned the pillow right side out through the opening and stuffed it. Finally, I hand stitched the small opening shut.

I left the ruffled edges unfinished. The fabric I used frayed so I sped the process along by hand fraying the edge by pulling on all of those long hanging threads to make it look more even.

ย Now I need to get some plain shirts and try this technique on them! A yarn stitched onsie would be a great baby gift to have on hand.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. says

    Tonia, the pillow is absolutely gorgeous. I love the simplicity of it and the red looks beautiful against the light fabric. Thanks for the sharing the tutorial!

  2. says

    I’m pretty SURE I couldn’t sew well enough to follow the yarn, but I could embroider the word on with floss… It would be almost as cute. OR I think there’s a technique called “couching” that enables you to stitch over yarn like that by hand. I would attempt that first. Me and the machine are not really “one.”
    But the idea is so cute!

    • says

      It always looks easier in those 1-2-3 steps, doesn’t it? I had hardly any issues making this pillow and did it in a few hours. My biggest problems were with the fact that I BARELY had enough red thread and hand sewing the opening closed!

  3. says

    what a fun idea- I especially love that you hung it from the trees in the first pic :) I don’t think I am near skilled enough to stitch on top of something without screwing up- I will need some practice before ever attempting this.

    • says

      Believe me I still screw up a lot! I have a love/hate relationship with sewing. Maybe if I had a nicer sewing machine I wouldn’t get so frustrated!

    • says

      Love that idea Brandi! Family could even write on this pillow with permanent marker. Everyone could write their name or something they are thankful for.

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