{Peace & Joy} Canning Lid Garland


I wanted to make a fun garland to hang up for the holidays. I’ve been wanting to try making mason jar frog lids and then thought that it would be fun to use them for a garland. I remember seeing Simply Klassic Home’s canning lid pumpkin and thought the colored lids looked awesome. But I don’t have any antique, colorful mason jar lids so I painted mine.

Start by painting mason jar bands. I used gray, blue and white paint. Cut pieces of wire mesh to fit inside the bands. I used the mason jar lids as my pattern. Hot glue the wire mesh into the bands. This wire mesh (from the hardware store) is part of the same roll I used to make this Framed Wire Memo Board.

Next, cut pieces of kraft paper and stencil letters onto the paper. Or just write them freehand or print them from your computer. Weave a piece of string through the wire mesh and clip the letters onto the wire mesh.

Since I clipped the letters onto the wire mesh, I can use this garland for other occasions by changing the wording.

I’ve seen garlands used in portrait photography. The people being photographed each hold an end of the string and it looks so cute! You can clearly get the message into the picture!

My garland has a simple message:

I want to wish you Peace & Joy during the Christmas season and throughout the coming year!

Once again, I used my free Martha Stewart craft supplies even though I wasn’t compensated because the supplies are just so fun!

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  1. Tonia, I made a garland inspired by YOU! I posted it on my blog today & linked back to yours. What an amazing idea! :)

  2. Tonia~ seriously so awesome!!! :)Putting this one on my today list. Love it!

  3. Pretty! I love the different textures you managed to create.

  4. This is brilliant – I have about 1000 lids – I can make one for every holiday! Very creative!

  5. Great job Tonia :) love the wire mesh in the lids- gives a fun dimension to them.

  6. That looks beautiful!! Definitely pinning it :)

  7. Beautiful job, Tonia. :)

  8. Love, love, love!!
    Is this wire mesh something you can buy at Menards, or did you salvage it from somewhere?

    • Thanks Judi! I bought the wire mesh from the hardware store in town about a year ago. I think it is a True Value? These would look really cute with chiken wire but I didn’t have any on hand.

  9. Pinned this on my banner board.


  10. Oh Tonia. When do you get time for stuff like this. This is really cute.

    Anne xx

  11. I love that … the wire mesh looks so neat!

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