Free Printable Labels For Gifts In Jars

I’ve gotten some requests for additional free printable labels for gifts in jars. Everything In A Jar was first posted on October 2011 and included printable mason jar labels for Pampering In A Jar, Energy In A Jar and Refreshment In A Jar. The original label file was stored on our external hard drive which failed and we lost everything! So, I asked Brian to see if he could use the file that is stored on Google Drive to make some other colors. And sure enough he was able to do it!

The first version is purple, pink and light green. You can download the Gift In A Jar Printable Label: Purple Pink Green here.

He also made a green, orange and pink version.
You can download the Gift In A Jar Printable Label: Green Orange Pink here.

And of course, here is the original version in red, blue and yellow. You can download this version by going to the Everything In A Jar post.

To use the labels, first download the version you want to your computer. Then, open the file with photo editing software and add whatever words you want to the oval shaped label. Save the image to your computer and print it out.

Another way to do this, is to right click on the label image and choose Copy Image Location. Then, go to Pixlr and select Open URL.

Paste the image URL into the bar and click Open.

Once the image opens, add whatever text you want, click apply and then save your labels.

Once you have the printed label, cut out the long strip, wrap it around the jar and secure it in place. Attach the oval to the space where the two ends of the strip don’t meet so that they look like these labels.

Ice Skating Date In A Jar Flowers & Chocolate In A Jar Spa In A Jar Image Map

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  1. I absolutely love these!! You wouldn’t happen to have a Tiffany blue one on your site somewhere would you? I’m searching but not coming up with anything. thank you~

    • Hi Alesha,
      No, I’m very sorry but I do not! You could use a blue ribbon or try to change the color with a photo editing software. ~Tonia

  2. These are great, thank you for sharing!

  3. these are beautiful! i’m pinning it to my printables board now :)

  4. Those are so cute!

  5. Your “Everything in a Jars” are so cute – they would make awesome gifts or favors!! Thanks for sharing the labels!

  6. Wonderful, thank you.

  7. todo lindo, gracias.

  8. Beautiful! I think I will make these jars for my sisters and mom throwing my baby shower next week! :-) Thank you!

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