How To Make A Key To My Heart

Make a Key To My Heart for someone you love. This is one of those handmade gift ideas that is inexpensive but very meaningful. All that is needed to make it is a key, a paint marker and bakers twine.

Key To My Heart

I think old keys are cool so when I found some at a garage sale several years ago, I bought all of them. I have them sitting out in a glass bowl. Newer keys that we don’t need to anymore get added to the bowl and little kids who come to visit play like to play with the keys. So, it was easy to find a key to use for this project. If you don’t have any old keys, just use a new one!

I grabbed some red and white baker’s twine and a red Elmer’s Painters marker in addition to the key. You could also make the heart with glitter paint or a pink paint marker.

Draw a heart on the key with the paint marker.

After letting the first heart dry, you can make another one on the other side if you want.

Handmade Gift Ideas

Tie a piece of baker’s twine through the hole in the key or add a key ring. The person who receives this handmade gift can hang the key wherever they want or they can put in on their key chain as a constant reminder of the one they love. Do you like to give handmade gifts?

Love paint markers? Here are a couple more ways to use them:
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  1. Love this what cute idea!

  2. What a sweet idea, Tonia! It looks so nice, but seems to easy to make! Have a wonderful week!

    Take care,

  3. So CUTE! I snatch up old keys for the necklaces I make…I need to be on the hunt for more (I am out!) I LOVE this!

  4. This is such an adorable idea! I love that it’s totally affordable and so simple, yet so great!

  5. I am loving your Valentine’s Day posts this week! These keys are so sweet and special – the perfect gift for hubby or for kids!

  6. I love that!! I bought some old keys at a market one time … I’m definitely going to make one of these!

  7. really adorable…..I have lots of old keys in the garage (or rather my husband) but I think he wouldn’t mind me taking one and giving him back this lovely gift…

  8. So sweet & simple – those are the best gifts. And those paint markers are the coolest!

  9. Aw… This is so sweet Tonia!!

  10. This is such a great idea. Great minds must think alike because I’m in the middle of a “key to my heart” project right now!

  11. Sweet idea! I’ve always had a fascination with old keys, too. This would be so cute tied onto a Valentine card or package. I love your idea of having a jar filled with old keys that kiddos can play with – what a good way to keep them creatively occupied!

  12. Adorable and what a great chippy table.

  13. Very cute, Tonia. :)

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