I {Puffy Heart} Love You Striped Paper Straws

Puffy hearts are a vintage 80’s thing! Remember puffy stickers? I loved them! I had a whole sticker collection and the Cabbage Patch Kids stickers were my favorite. What about puffy paint? We used to decorate our shirts and canvas shoes with puff paint. Now I hear people saying they “puffy heart love” something and it takes me back in time. So, I used shaving cream & Elmer’s glue to make hearts that I put on paper straws with a flag saying I {puffy heart} love you!

Pink Puffy Heart Striped Paper Straws

This isn’t my first time making puffy paint. I used it to make 3D Gift Wrap with snowmen and snowflakes on them after Vanessa brought home a cloud project from school which used this same technique. For Valentine’s Day, I wanted the puffy hearts to be separate from the gift wrap so I attached them to straws. I purchased these gray striped paper straws along with some striped green ones from Amazon to make paper straw cake pops for my sister’s wedding. I would love to get some more colors since each box has 144 straws in it and they are great for paper straw crafts!

To make the puffy paint, mix together equal parts of Elmer’s school glue and shaving cream. Add a couple of drops of red food coloring and stir so that the mixture is pink. The more glue you have the harder the puffed heart will be.

Use a knife or even a paintbrush to make a heart on a piece of white paper.

Keeping making hearts until you run out of the glue and shaving cream mixture.

Leave the hearts to dry overnight or longer. The hearts will puff up even more as they dry.

Carefully cut around the puffed heart leaving the paper intact.

Print the words “I {puffy heart} love you!” on white paper with a pink font and cut into strips.

Wrap the paper strips around straws and glue in place. Cut a small triangle into the end of each strip to make a flag.

Glue the puffy hearts onto the paper straws. I used hot glue but any strong glue would work.

Then, present them to the ones you love!

Another way to use paper straws is to make these Cupcake Toppers.

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  1. Beautiful idea!!

  2. Those are so fun! I didn’t know you could make things with shaving cream like that! So cool!

  3. This is such a cute idea! I loved puffy stickers as a kid and buy them for my daughter any time I can find them.

  4. So so cute! I loved puffy stickers and puffy paint when I was a kid. :)


  5. These are so cute! I remember the puffy stickers but I do not remember puffy paint :) I’m the 90s child :) I’ve really never seen puffy paint :/ but it sounds so cool.

    • Awww…you’re just a young pup…LOL! :) It was basically fabric paint in a small squeeze tube that would puff up when it dried. I think it might still be sold at craft stores.

  6. These are so cute. Some people thinks Valentines Day is over the top but I love it.

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