5 Tips For Keeping A Car Clean and Organized + A PERK Giveaway

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Keeping a car clean and organized is easy to do with a little planning, practice and perseverance. Check out my 5 Tips For Keeping A Car Clean and Organized and enter to win 6 months of PERK Vent Wraps air fresheners!

Perk Air FreshenersI am so excited because a couple of weeks ago, we got a new car! Well, it isn’t new-new but it is new to us. Although the miles on my minivan weren’t too high yet, things were starting to fall apart due to its age. We decided to go with an SUV this time because it is between a minivan and a car. Vanessa and Zack won’t have their licenses for a while and they often have friends with them. So, we ended up getting a Honda Pilot because it can seat 8 people! With a new vehicle comes the determination to keep it clean and organized. Hopefully, now that the kids are older, that will be easier.

One of the most important things is keeping the SUV smelling good. Now that may seem a little silly to you, but one of the other SUVs we looked at smelled stale and that was one of the reasons I didn’t want to buy it! So, I was recently introduced to PERK Vent Wraps, a new kind of air freshener that is perfect for my new vehicle!

Perk Vent Air FreshenerThere are 5 scents available for purchase at Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target, and other retailers that sell automotive air fresheners. I received three scents to try: Absolute Zero, Golden Vanilla and Clean Laundry. I took one for the SUV, Brian took one for his car and I gave one to Christine for her car. The scent was pretty strong when we took them out of the packages and put them in our vehicles, but that only lasted for the first day. The PERK Vent Wraps have a patent-pending layered StediScent® technology that provides fragrance that is just right. Each Vent Wrap lasts for about 2 weeks, so the 4 pack will last about 60 days!

Car Air FreshenerWhat I really like about these PERK Vent Wrap air fresheners, is that they wrap right around the vents in the car. My favorite scent of the 3 that I received, is the Golden Vanilla so that is the one I put in my new car.

Perk Air FreshenerSeethere isn’t anything dangling or hanging or getting in the way.

5 Tips For Keeping A Car Clean and Organized

  1. Keep small plastic bags in the car for collecting trash. I reuse the plastic bags that I get from the grocery store.
  2. Make it a habit that everything that goes into the car, comes out at the end of the ride. Kids can be responsible for carrying out what they brought in.
  3. Purchase a container multi-purpose cleaning wipes to store in your vehicle. During those times when you are waiting in the car, take a couple of minutes to quickly wipe down the surfaces.
  4. Have a large storage bin in the back of the vehicle to contain items in one area so they aren’t rolling around. Depending on your needs, it might work better to have more than one storage bin or to have a bin that is divided into compartments.
  5. A PERK vent air freshener can help keep things smelling fresh.

Try PERK Vent Wraps for yourself and enter to win 6 months of free PERK Vent Wraps!

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  1. Samantha L. says

    My car needs a Perk vent wrap because it is smelling funky… honestly I don’t keep it as clean as I should, and sometimes my fiance leaves his lunch bag in the back seat.

  2. says

    I know most of these tips are for keeping the interior of your car clean and fresh, but car covers are a great way to keep the exterior of your vehicle clean.

  3. Kim D says

    I feel like every time I buy a freshener, it smells amazing for about 2.5 days and then it’s useless. But I’m excited to give these a try!

  4. Dorothy Teel says

    I quit smoking 2 years ago and I used to smoke in my car all the time, I still get the odor of smoke in the car at times and I use a lot of air freshners and I think that these PERK air Freshners may help.

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