DIY First Aid Kits For Vehicles

Do you have a fully stocked first aid kit in your vehicle with items that are not expired? I thought I did but found out that all of the items we really need had already been used, were dried up or out-of-date in our first aid kit. So, I purchase supplies to assemble a kit for all three of our vehicles with the main item we need being Band-Aids for proper wound care!

 Over the weekend, we spent a lot of time outside enjoying various fall activities. Unfortunately, anytime you are outdoors with a bunch of kids someone ends up getting hurt. This weekend it was Vanessa. She slipped and scraped up her knee on the blacktop. This picture was taken several hours after it happened and several Band-Aids and gauze pads later. After she fell, we quickly got our first aid kit from our van only to find that it did not contain the items we needed for proper wound care. We had to make a run to the store to pick up a few supplies for the day. I knew that we had to get better kits in our cars!
Since I was making three first aid kits, Sam’s Club was the logical location to do the shopping. They have 160 count packages of BAND-AID® Brand, QUILTVENT® Technology in five different varieties. Buying the big package is a good value that saved me time and money! You can see more about my shopping trip in my Google+ Album.
I also picked up Neosporin, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine, hand sanitizing wipes, granola bars and water. I purchased beef jerky which I planned to add to the kits but it was eaten before I could assemble the them!
At home, I gathered my supplies, including plastic containers that I bought from Walmart.
I opened the large box of Band-Aids and removed the smaller boxes from inside.
I decided to use the original Band-Aid boxes but wanted a mix of the different kinds in each box. So, I opened the packages and divided the Band-Aids. Then, I filled the 3 small boxes.
I realized that I didn’t have small, child-proof containers for the allergy medicine, so I found some allergy strips to add to two of the boxes instead. I also found gauze and Benadryl Itch Sticks in my cupboard to add to the kits.
I put a bunch of hand sanitizing wipes into three plastic zip top bags…one for each kit.
Then, I assembled the kits.
Water Bottle – For rinsing a wound, swallowing a pill or for drinking.
Granola Bars – For eating, for a low sugar snack for a diabetic or to distract an upset child.
Neosporin – First aid antibiotic ointment for wounds.
Ibuprofen – Pain reliever and fever reducer.
Hand Sanitizing Wipes – Getting rid of germs.
Gauze – Soaking up blood.
Allergy medicine – For allergy relief.
Itch Relief Stick – Minor skin irritations.
Band-Aids with QUILTVENT Technology – Various varieties for different situations
There are a few more things that I would like to add such as scissors, tweezer, butterfly bandages and an ice pack but I have most of the essentials. One will go in my van, another in my husband’s car and the third will go in my teen’s car.

What condition is your first aid kit in?

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  1. John Moore says

    Don’t forget superglue! It works awesome for closing wounds, just used some on my dog the other day! Also a needle and some unflavored dental floss for stitching up wounds is handy, its saved my bacon a couple of times.

    • Tonia says

      Thanks for the great tips! We just had to use our first aid kit when my son injured himself while camping this summer.

  2. Alaina says

    My husband is an avid mountain-biker….I have learned that first aid supplies are a LOT cheaper at vet supply stores, and the same quality at human supplies. I buy coban, that gauze wrapping that sticks to itself and not skin or hair, there and it’s the same stuff. I would put a roll, with gauze pads, in this kit. Beware of keeping ibuprofen in hot cars for extended times, can go bad.

  3. says

    Oooohhh! These WOULD make perfect gifts!! I had never thought about keeping a first aid kit in the car, but of course it makes perfect sense! Thank you for the idea!

    • says

      You are totally right! These would be great gifts. One of my daughter’s good friends is going to be getting her license soon and this would be perfect.

  4. says

    Great reminder, thanks Tonia. I was only thinking the other day how it wouldn’t hurt to have a small box of bandaids in my purse but didn’t dawn on me to have a supply in the car. Thanks!

    Anne xx

  5. says

    We have a first aid kit in the car, but being a sewist, I decided to sew a small bag to keep our items in. Well let me tell you, that bag has been stepped on, thrown, smashed, mashed, dragged and has had battery acid eat away a portion of the outer fabric leaving the lining exposed in one corner. As you can imagine our first aid kit is a mess. I’d finally decided on a hard plastic container and had been considering a cheap tackle box or tool box, but I like you shoe box type container better. Because we go hiking and camping a lot, another thing I keep in my first aid are strips of fabric for a makeshift sling or splint for suspected broken bones or tourniquet in case of snake bites.

  6. says

    Great idea!!! I used to be so good about always keeping a kit like that, but now with the diaper bag, we have small amounts of almost all of those things.

    Another item I used to always have in my purse was a couple sets of nitrile gloves. So many uses – helping a wounded stranger, really poopy nasty diapers, car sick kid messes.

  7. says

    I have always had one in my trunk…a few more things that I have are a face mask for CPR/breathing with a one way valve so I don’t have get anything yucky in my mouth and a bottle of baby aspirin (for suspected heart attacks or strokes). Yours look great…I wouldn’t have thought of a snack food. Great idea!

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