Easter Basket Filler Idea: Balloon Egg Piñata

I’ve got another fun Easter basket idea for kids! Make Easter egg balloon pinata to add to the baskets. Well, they aren’t true pinatas but since they are something you break open to find treats inside that is what I decided to call them. Start with a balloon, fill it with goodies, blow it up and pop it to get the treats!

Happy Easter Balloon Basket

Last year for valentines day, I made balloon Valentines and I have given the busting balloons to kids for their birthdays many times since then. This past weekend my whole family got together to celebrate all of the February and March birthdays and I made 5 of the balloons! Each balloon had wrapped candy and dollar bills that were rolled up before inserting them. We wrote each kid’s name on a balloon and gave them a colorful toothpick to pop them with. They loved it. So i thought why not make a bursting Easter egg balloon? What kid doesn’t like popping balloons and when there is a surprise inside, all the better. It’s just another fun Easter basket idea.

Fill Balloons Candy

Start with some large balloons. I’ve purchased balloons many times and for some reason this was the first time I noticed that there was more than one size available! I chose the metallic spring colors. I also bought a bottle of Life Water because of the wide mouth of the bottle. Vanessa promptly drank it for me and I cut off the top to use as a funnel. I also purchased longer narrow candy that I thought would be able to fit through the hole in the funnel. I chose Easter Twizzlers, Easter Kit Kats, Smarties and Hershey Kisses.

Take a balloon, roll up the neck a bit and carefully stretch it over the mouth of the funnel. Then, carefully start inserting the candy, treats and money, stretching the balloon as you go. It would also be fun to put confetti in the balloons but that would make a mess so be prepared if you decide to add it! Gently slide the neck of the balloon off of the bottle mouth. When I was making the birthday balloons, I wanted to fit a lot of stuff in them. So, after stuffing as much as I could into the balloons and taking them off the bottle, I blew up the balloon so that the candy fell to the bottom. Then, I let the air out and stretched open with balloon neck with my fingers while Vanessa  put in a little more candy before blowing it up again and tying it shut. I filled a total of 8 balloons over the last couple of days and only one got a hole in it while it was being filled.

Sharpie On Balloon

The balloons were already an egg shape but I wanted them to look more like Easter Eggs. So I used Sharpies to write on the balloons.

Happy Easter Balloon Pinata Trio

Instead of going traditional Easter egg style, I wrote Happy Easter and added decorative circles on the balloons.

Easter Egg Balloon Pinata

The best part is popping the balloons! Using a brightly colored toothpick pop the balloons and enjoy the treats inside. Always remember to discard the balloon once it has been popped. It could be a danger to young children and to pets!

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    • Tonia says

      Hi Kendall,
      Yes, you can blow them up ahead of time, but the balloons will deflate somewhat if you blow them up too soon. I’m not sure how quickly though. Happy Birthday to your twins and best of luck with the party!

  1. Brigid says

    Oh wow! GENIUS idea! I’m totally going to do this for my kids’ birthdays instead of pinatas from now on! I hate the scramble for candy/goodies when the pinata breaks. I’d rather deal with the balloons popping (which I also dislike, but hey, maybe I can send them home as part of the goodie bags … let the parents deal with the popping …).

  2. Amy says

    I’ve don’t this before for birthdays, Christmas countdown, etc with our 4 yr old & he loves it! So fun!

  3. Chris says


    I’m going to do this for Halloween treats using orange and black balloons! We’ll be the coolest house on the street! 🙂


  4. gemma says

    This is a great idea! I’ll definitely be doing this with some sweets & small ‘stocking filler’ presents for my son this Christmas. I might suspend them from the ceiling with ribbon so he can pop them like a pinata.

  5. says

    This is a great idea. My question is, how do you keep the balloon from popping on pieces of sharp/pointy edges on the candy wrappers? I do not like to hear the sound of popping balloons (phobia of sorts).

    • Tonia says

      Hi Rita,
      My friend’s daughter is the same way! She hate the sound of popping balloons. Unfortunatley, I would suggest not making these because there are bound to be a few that pop in the process. I would think that more expensive/thicker balloons would be less likely to pop but I am not sure.

  6. Kerri says

    Thanks! I lo
    Be this I am doing This for my daughters birthday instead of a piñata! So much safer and everyone gets equal amounts of evryrthing. Best idea ever.:)

  7. Ruth @ Purely Splendid says

    Such fun any time of the year! Think I’ll send my son a care package with some balloon surprises. You’ve never too old to have a little fun!

  8. Maryalice says

    On the list for the twin grandkids’ birthday party in early August. What a fun and wonderful idea….I think I will paint skewers for the “poppers” and place them in a container near the balloon surprises. Perfect! Thank you…..

  9. Dennis Mullins Sr. says

    What a great idea. I can use it for a lot of different things and holidays. Put small gifts in it for Christmas and birthdays for kids and adults. I have some jumbo balloons that have very large openings with those I can put larger items in them.

  10. Diana says

    I am so using this idea for my gender reveal for my second baby. I will fill it with blue or pink confetti and paper strips so that when my 4 year old pops it she will see if she is having a baby brother or sister. I have been trying to figure out an easy way to fill the balloon and this will work perfect! Thanks!

    • Tonia says

      A first birthday? How fun, Deborah! Just be sure to watch the little ones carefully because the balloons could be a choking hazard!

  11. M says

    Love this idea! Been doing this for holidays & special occasions for years glad to here others like the idea too. Every one gets an equal share of goodies than with a pinata. We built palm trees from cardboard & carpets rolls tissue paper, tied filled gold balloons as coconuts(Parrot luau “Rio” themed) b-day party .Dual purpose decoration and activity. I preinflate then deflate the 12″ balloons use a canning funnel (wider whole) put the candy in a goodie bag (latex allergies) then re-inflate to about 9-10″ & tie off .

  12. Pauline says

    I saw another idea on Pinterest where you tape a large piece of plastic to the outside of a door and fill the space between the door and the plastic with balloons so when the birthday kid gets up in the morning and opens their door, the balloons pour into their room. For my daughters 18th birthday we combined this idea with that one and filled the balloons with candies, money, and small treats like lipgloss. It was so much fun for all!

    • Tonia says

      No but when I found a piece of a balloon a couple of day later, the Sharpie did rub off then! Did that happen to you?

  13. Shay says

    Thanks for sharing Tonia! I’m going to try these for my daughter’s birthday in two weeks… I’ll try to make one for each kid, or maybe a few larger ones and let the kids just share! Thanks again!

    • says

      These are a great idea , but not limited to Easter , fill them up for birthday parties , halloween parties etc. Filiing with confetti or rice for wedding shower , small baby items for a baby shower …. the ideas are plenty

      • Tonia says

        Thanks, Debbie! I was planning on making some with confetti for the Fourth of July but ran out of time. I even bought the red, white and blue supplies so maybe I will aim for Labor Day?

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