Easter Basket Idea: Lace Trimmed Mason Jar

Today’s Easter basket idea is a lace trimmed vintage blue mason jar. It can be used as Easter decor or be given as a gift in a jar!

Mason Jar Easter Basket Decor

I’ve been busy making Easter baskets and haven’t done any decorating yet. I found these ruffled Easter eggs that I made last year and pulled them out so I would have something to put on my mantle. I figured that a mason jar Easter basket might be the perfect home for one of the eggs. This blue Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason jar is from my sister-in-law. Her mom gave her a box of mason jars that she no longer used and my sister-in-law didn’t want them. I was more than happy to take them off her hands! Then, recently a friend of mine got married and wanted a few vintage blue mason jars to put on tables at her reception. She was having a really hard time finding them so she borrowed mine. When she returned them to me, I found some delightful lace trim around the neck of the jars. I decided to leave it there and add a handle.

Mason Jar Basket SuppliesI used an old book for the paper grass. I just tore the pages out and ran it through my paper shredder. The wire is 24 gauge.

Mason Jar Handle Lace TrimI looped the wire around the neck of the jar and twisted it to hold it tight. Then I looped the wire up over the top to form a handle. I threaded the wire under the wire around the neck and twisted it tight to hold it in place. I tied a length of lace trim around the neck and hot glued another piece on the handle.

Easter Basket Idea Mason Jar GiftI put the book page paper grass in the bottom of the vintage blue mason jar and plopped the ruffled egg on top.

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  1. says

    I wish I had some blue mason jars, they have been popping up in a lot of photos lately and are so pretty! The lace trim is really sweet on them, and I love the “grass”, so cute Tonia!

    • Tonia says

      Thanks! I just heard that they are coming out with a blue anniversary version! It won’t be as cool as the vintage ones but they will still be fun!

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