Father’s Day Gift Ideas: World’s Greatest Pop Gift In A Jar

Looking for Father’s Day Gift Ideas? Give The World’s Greatest Pop gift in a jar to dad this year. It is a large mason jar filled with items that have to do with “pop”.

World's Greatest Pop Father's Day Gift In A Jar

Mother’s Day is over and now it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gift ideas! Since I love gifts in a jar, I wanted to make a fun one for Father’s Day. This gift is more about the play on words and how much fun your kids will have when helping you put it together, than it is about the quality of the gift because it is filled with mainly candy! I purchased a large glass jar from the craft store since the mason jars I had at home were too small. Going by “The World’s Greatest POP” theme that is on the label, I filled the jar with edible items that have “pop” in the name. I tried to find items that were blue with a little green and yellow thrown in.

Father's Day Gift Idea

Here are all of the “POP” items I found for the jar:

Can of Pop
Push Pop
Bottle Pop
Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe
Squeeze Pop
Pop Rocks
Juicy Drop Pop
Astro Pop
Blow Pops
Pop Secret Pop Corn
Ring Pop
Pop Tart

The jars could also include a mini box of Kelloggs Pops cereal, Pop Chips, Tootsie Pops, Soda Pop Fizzy Candy, Soda Pop Gummies and so on.

Gift In A Jar For Father's Day

Carefully fit all of the items in the jar, like a puzzle. It takes a little patience and some rearranging.

Gift Ideas For Guys

Here is a look at one of the sides of the jar.

Gifts In A Jar For Guys

This is the back side of the jar.

Gift For Father's Day

And here is the final side of the jar.

World's Best Dad Gift

Glue twine around the lid, attach some washi tape to the jar and a “The World’s Greatest POP” label (get the free printable label here). Depending on the dad, some of these items might not be his favorite treat, but I’m sure your kids would be delighted to share! Either way this Father’s Day gift in a jar is fun and kids will be so excited to give it to their dad.

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Daddy’s Footsteps Poem

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Dipped Chocolate Spoons

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  1. August says

    I really like this idea; however, my son calls his grandfather, Pop Pop. Is there anyway to add to the label?


  2. Daniella says

    Thank you for such a cute idea ! My son calls his grandpa “Papa” so it matched great for his grandpa day “fathers” gift ! Only thing is strange enough I couldn’t find pop rocks but I had a great time making it with my son he enjoyed it to !

  3. Brenda Moyes says

    I can only think of poprocks and then all I can see a can of pop a push pop and one of those squeeze pop things what else is in there?

    • says

      Hi Brenda,
      There are several more photos in the blog post showing everything that is in the jar. Are you using a mobile device to view the blog post? Try clicking on the “Read More” button under the photo of the World’s Greatest Pop Jar and see if the rest of the images show up.

  4. hanoor says

    what a beautiful and fantastic pictures. excellent. THIS IS SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it though the poem did make me tear up a bit..I wonder if I can pull this off with a 1 year old. I’m going to try!

    • Liz says

      I have a 14 nth old and this is will be her gift to her “Pop-Pop’ for Father’s Day….too cute. I couldn’t resist…and it’s super inexpensive. We found all pop items in Dollar Tree and the jar in Target.

    • Tonia says

      It measures about 5 1/2″ square at the base x 6 3/4″ tall and holds 2 quarts or 64-ounces. The mouth is a little under 4″ in diameter.

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