Flowers and Chocolate Gift In A Jar

As you already know gifts in a jar are one of my favorite things! Flowers and chocolate are a classic gift to give but they can be presented in a more unique way by putting them in a mason jar! Add a gift card to a restaurant and you are all set with a gift jar!

Flowers and Chocolate Gifts In A Jar

A red rose represents true love so for the Flowers & Chocolate In A Jar, I used red as the color scheme. Since Lindor Truffles are another one of my favorites, I was delighted that I could add them to this jar since they are red! In addition to the flowers and chocolates, I added a gift card to The Melting Pot ~ A Fondue Restaurant! Have you ever been there? I haven’t and I can’t wait to try it!

Plaid Martha Stewart Paint Glitter

Paint a mason jar canning lid with red glitter paint. I used Martha Stewart Crafts paint from Plaid that I received to make my Grapevine Snowflake Ornament. I had to do several coats of paint to get good coverage. Then, cut a piece of wire mesh in a circle so that it fits inside the canning lid and glue in place. I talk more about how to do this in my Canning Lid Garland post.

Since I wanted to put chocolate in the jar, I couldn’t put water in it. When I purchased the roses, I asked if they sold water tubes for flowers. They were only 20 cents each. I cut the rose stems to the desired length, poked them through the wire mesh and added the water tubes.

Put the water tubes into the mason jar and nestle the chocolates around the tubes. Add the restaurant gift card before completely filling the jar with truffles. Finally, screw the glittery lid on.

Red Roses

If you are short on time or you don’t want to go through the trouble of making this kind of a lid, just use a regular mason jar lid. It will still look great! Feel free to add anything to the jar from perfume to a ring. Think of the mason jar as not only the vase but the gift wrap as well!

What do you think about getting flowers? Do you love it or do you feel like it is a waste of money? What are your favorite flowers to receive?

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    Love this idea! I will have to click through to learn more about the wire mesh. Is that something from a hardware store or a florist? I need to pull a quick gift together for my son’s teachers from the class and this might be perfect. Thanks!!

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