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Easter Eggs
The time to dye Easter eggs has arrived!  I am going to share some of the ideas we have used when dying eggs.

Start with plenty of hard boiled eggs.  Do this earlier in the day so they are ready for the kiddos.

Let each child do as much by themselves as possible.  It really give them pride in the finished eggs.

Protect your work surface with containers and/or newspaper…kids are messy!

Place dye bowls in large flat containers such as pie tins and 9″X13″ pans.


Offer plenty of plenty of dye colors and put them in clear containers so kids can check the progress through the sides.

Put strips of electrical tape on the eggs to “block out” the dye in that area.  Or wrap with rubber bands for a lighter effect.

Put the egg, electrical tape and all, into the dye.

Make an “A” with electrical tape and then dye the egg purple by putting into the blue and then the red dye.


Make an “A” and a stripe with electrical tape.

Make a striped design with electrical tape.
Use a coloring crayon to draw a design on a plain egg.  The dye will not color the egg where the crayon is.  Just make any old scribble or…

Use the crayon to write your name or draw a picture.

Dip one half of the egg in one color and the other half in another.

Use the upside down egg carton as a drying rack.

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    What a great post. I love the idea of using the egg carton to dry them. And the electrical tape looks awesome! I would never have thought to try that!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at For the Kids Friday Link Party! I will be posting the next party tomorrow night. I hope to have you stop by and join us for another week sharing great ideas for our kids!!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    :)rachel at

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