Mini Yarn Wreaths

Vanessa was looking for a quick, fun holiday craft to make and we found these yarn wreath ornaments from Christopher and Tia. She wanted to sell them at my sister’s craft boutique but she unfortunately she got sick and wasn’t able to finish them in time. But they were fun to make so I thought I would share!

Vanessa used curtain hooks that had clips already attached which made it easier. She used green, red and cream yarn as well as baker’s twine.

Cut a very long piece of yarn or twine. Attach one end of the twine to the ring with a dab of hot glue and then wrap it around until the ring is covered. If you find that your piece of yarn or twine wasn’t long enough, just hot glue another piece on and continue.

 Finish it off with another dab of hot glue.

Since the clips are already attached, these mini yarn wreaths are ready to be hung. So easy and so cute!

What holiday crafts are you making with your kids this year?

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      Thanks Jenn! I am sorry but I can’t remember where I bought them! I am pretty sure that I bought them from Ikea but it might have been Target. It was several years ago. I was planning on making some curtains for a window in our old house but then we moved. These have been sitting in a box for a few years. I would suggest making a yarn loop for hanging them instead.

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    What a fabulous idea! I was browsing the dollar store the other day looking for unique things to make crafts with and I had a pack of curtain rings in my cart but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Now I need to go back. This is a good idea.

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    I love these!
    This year I was hoping to create these for gift toppers…maybe attach lil’ jingle bells to each?! I had bought shower curtain rings!! Hadn’t thought of curtain hooks…those are perfect!

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