{Odwalla Game Day Challenge} Sports Equipment Donation

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the exciting Champions For Kids SIMPLE Service Project for April:  Odwalla Game Day Challenge.  Since we did not have used sports equipment to donate, I went shopping at Walmart to purchase new equipment along with Odwalla juice.  I wanted to get a variety of items to get kids moving outside.  It isn’t important WHAT activity they are involved in but rather that they are MOVING!!
Odwalla juices are the perfect thing for fueling young athletes!  Just look at all of the good stuff that is in this bottle of Odwalla Blueberry B!  We donated 2 bottles of Blueberry B, 2 bottles of Mango Tango and 1 bottle of Citrus C.
I chose a local food shelf to receive the donation.  This food shelf is about more than just food.  There is also clothing, shoes, toys, toiletries, cleaning products and so much more.  
The food shelf is only open 1 day a month so when I stopped by to drop off the donation, it was very busy!  I wasn’t able to take any pictures inside in order to keep the shopper’s identities private but they were very thankful for the donation.  I received this thank you slip for my donation of 10 lbs worth of juice & play toys.
I was so happy to have given that donation but wished I could do more.  My original plan was to find some used bikes to donate.  Like I said in my previous post, my husband loves old school BMX bikes and has passed the love of bikes to our kids!  But I after doing some research, I couldn’t find a place to donate bikes and I gave up on the idea.  But a wonderful surprise came my way…my dad rescued a pile of used bikes that were headed for the dumpster!  My husband was able to find 2 of the bikes that can be fixed up for kids we know who need bikes!
This bike will go to a 9 year old boy.  He had a bike but he outgrew it and is passing it down to his younger brother. This bikes needs new tires, a chain and brakes along with a cleaning and tune-up.
And this bike will go to a 6 year old girl we know.  She recently moved to Minnesota from across the country and had to leave her bike behind!  It just needs a basic tune-up and it will be ready to go!  What about the rest of the bikes?  We aren’t sure yet.  For now, they will just be in storage but we are on the lookout for more kids of all ages who need a bikes!
Were you able to donate some sports equipment?
If so, please tell me about it!  If not, there is still time to get that donation dropped off!  And don’t forget to record your donation at Champions For Kids so that we can reach the goal of mobilizing 20 million people by 2020!  You can also follow Champions for Kids on Twitter #OdwallaCFK and Like Champions For Kids on Facebook.
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    Tonia, I am an account manager at Champions for Kids and wanted to say THANK YOU for being ONE of MILLIONS! We appreciate the time and effort you put into the Odwalla SIMPLE Service Project!

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    So glad that you were able to donate some bikes to some kids that would love them. I’m so grateful for the inspiration of Champions for Kids!

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