Online Food Photography Class

I am halfway through my online food photography class through Social Fabric U.  I’ve been learning and being challenged!  I want to share with you the photos I’ve submitted so far and tell you a little about what I’ve been learning.

For our first unit we focused on lighting and background with a single prop.  We are only allowed to use natural window light for all of our photos in the course.  We can reflect the window light if we need to by using a piece of white paper or a mirror.

For the backgrounds in the first unit, we were instructed to use a plain, simple background.  I wanted to do 3 different props with 3 different backgrounds so that each photo had a different feeling.  The picture of the ice cream cone has a pastel aqua color to give it a bright summery feel but also give a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of the old ice cream parlors.  The second picture with a lime in it, has a textured white background to contrast with the bright green of the lime.  The background is uneven and not in focus while the lime is symmetrical and in focus.  The last picture of a cinnamon roll muffin has a dark background that surrounds the white paper cup.  This picture feels warm and homey and makes me think of a comforting breakfast with friends.

For unit 3, we were to add in some simple styling and simple props.  I’ve already shown you this picture, when I posted the BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe.  It is photographed on the pizza stone that it was baked on with cilantro on the upper right and the faintest impression of the bbq sauce in a jar on the upper left.

We also learned how to use Pixlr to edit our photos in unit 2.  We learned about changing the levels, sharpening, dodging/burning and brightness/contrast.  I really struggled with how to photograph these mini fruit pizzas.  I took so many different photos and they just didn’t feel right.  Plus, my camera battery died right in the middle of it, the kids came home from school and they were trying to eat the fruit I had cut up…and so on!  The pictures never tell the whole story.  These cute little mini fruit pizzas look so fresh and organized while there was chaos going on around them!  I will be sharing this recipe soon.

So, wish me luck as I continue on with the next 3 units that both me and my family can take the pressure!  Just kidding…it’s not a competition and I am enjoying the challenge!  The photo editing tips I’ve learned I have already been applying to all of the pictures I take before posting them.  I am looking forward to learning more!  I will continue to update you with my progress as I work my way through the rest of the class.

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post although I am taking the photography course free of charge.
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    Oh Tonia! What beautiful photos! The food looks delicious. I know exactly what you mean about the kids wanting to eat the product. A friend lent me a ‘photo tent’ to try and I whipped up some little chocolate protein balls yesterday. It was utter chaos trying to set it up, photograph the food (while the kids were so intrigued by the photo tent and I didn’t want them to touch it) before they tried to eat them. (Well, Ben anyway.) Always chaos around here! LOL

    Anne xx

  2. says

    Just love your photographs! I am in love with the board (or table) you are using in your first photos. The weathered look is amazing against the smooth and silky texture of the ice cream.

    So glad to be taking the class with you.

  3. says

    I thought your photography was pretty awesome before you started this class, but I swear it’s even better! You totally rock at all things photography, my sweet friend.

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    Your photos are lovely, my favorite is the cinnamon roll. I love the idea of an online class and will have to look into that myself. I am still debating which dslr camera to purchase so I am in the early stages of learning about photography but I did take a course recently and really enjoyed it.

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