{Photography} Backgrounds For Indoor Photos

Finding something to use a background or backdrop for photos can be difficult.  You want it to be something that is going to enhance the photo and not detract from it.  There are a few backgrounds that I use over and over again for my blog photos of small subjects.

Apple With Black Background
Apple On Black Bench
The one you see most often is this lovely black bench that my dad made from a head board and a foot board.  It works well because it has a flat spot for setting objects, has a tall back and the light from my bright dining room table reaches it.  Of course, the photo directly above shows the apple on a piece of paper and the first photo is sans paper.
Apple With Black Background
Apple On Black Tag Board
Apple With White Background
Apple On White Tag Board
I also use tag board and foam board for backgrounds.  So far I have only tried black and white.  Tag board provides a nice even background and it is inexpensive.  It can be bent so that the tag board curls up behind the subject and you don’t get a hard line in the background.  Foam board is similar to tag board in that it provides an even background but it can’t be bent.  Foam board is much sturdier than tag board so it can provide a fairly stable flat surface for photographing a subject.
Apple With Blue Background
Apple On Blue Paper
If I am looking for something with patterns or color, I will turn to my stash scrapbook paper.  The scrapbook paper can also be bent up behind the object like the tag board can.  Or 2 pieces of scrapbook paper can be used with one piece of paper taped on the background and one piece on the flat surface.
Apple With Cement Background
Apple On Cement Stairs

I’ve also taken pictures on my fireplace hearth, counter tops and on these cement stairs.  Each of these surfaces provides a different look.  Okay, so this one doesn’t count as an indoor photo but it is a photo that was taken without having to drive anywhere! 🙂

Apple With Barn Wood Background
Apple On Barn Wood
These 3 barn wood pieces are from my sister-in-law who got them from her parent’s old barn.  I would love to get more weathered wood in different colors and in larger sizes but for now this works with smaller subjects.
I know many people use fabric for backdrops but I haven’t had the best luck with it.  So, take a look around your house, your garage and your yard (and your sister-in-law’s) to see what you have available for backgrounds!  You might be surprised at what you find.  I would love to hear what you use because I am always on the lookout for new ideas!!

What are some of your favorite backgrounds/backdrops?

You can find all of the posts with photography tips here.  Next week I plan to talk about some of the outdoor places I use for backgrounds and I want to hear about your favorite spots!

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  1. says

    I’m new to the Blog world and stumbled upon yours and was just thinking how do her pictures look so professional. Thank you for the tip that’s really helpful and also what type of Camera do you use because it takes amazing pictures

  2. says

    Thanks for the photo tips. I have a small etsy shop and am still learning how to make my pictures look better. Things are slowly improving. These tips are great! 🙂

  3. says

    Your photos are always so gorgeous! I use poster board a lot…and I have a great weather fence right outside(I keep thinking everyone is going to get sick of that fence soon). Our house is so dark, taking photos inside is really hard…but I will not give up…I am working on it. (I had decent indoor photo success with My Min Room Makeover). Thanks for the tips.

  4. says

    This is so helpful! I need to get some white tag board! And I didn’t realize that just three separate pieces of wood can work for a good backdrop! Thanks for sharing these tips Tonia!

  5. says

    Oooh, you little bugger Tonia! For so long I’ve been wanting to ask you if you had a photography studio to take those gorgeous photos and ta da! That’s how you do it! You are an absolute genius Tonia. I think, for the very first time, the other day I put one of my favourite vintage linen tea towels in the back of a photo and it turned out ok. I think I’ll be looking for more props now. Thanks so much Tonia. Oh, by the way, did you have the flash on for those indoor shots?

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  6. says

    Hi, Tonia
    I have trying to perfect my photos in my Etsy shop. Thanks for the awesome tips. I was debating on buying a light box but I am going to try using your tips.

  7. says

    It is amazing how great you can make an apple look! It’s like the subject kind of changes with the change of the background. Lovely!

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