{Photography} Backgrounds for Outdoor Photos

Ever wonder what to use as a background for your outdoor photos?  Just take a drive around small town America.  Now, if you live in Yuppie-ville where everything is sparkly and new, you might have to drive a bit out into the country or into the “old” section of town.  There you will find all kinds of fun, unique places to use as backdrops.  Take this building for example.  There are multiple places that can be used.
On the far left, is this small section, where (going left to right) you can use the weathered wood, the green brick and old window, the black screen door, the tan brick or the green/blue brick.  So, in this one small section there are at least 5 different backgrounds!
On the right side of this building, there are these cool, old windows and the worn and weather brick to use.

Here is a picture of a vintage, lace dress that I sold in my Etsy shop, taken in front of the screen door last summer before it was painted black.

Here is a picture I took of Zack showcasing Boy’s Winter Wear, in front of the black screen door.

Here is another old building with brick, old windows and a white door…again several places to use.

Here is another Boy’s Winter Wear photo taken in front of this building.

Besides looking for old buildings, look for ones that are painted bright or unique colors.

This picture from a recent post about Spring Fashion for Kids was taken in front of the blue building.

This white building has a worn, wood lean-to built on the side.  Both the building and the lean-to could be used.

For another Spring Fashions for Kids picture, I had Zack and Vanessa stand on this wooden platform that you can see right in front of (or is it actually behind) the white building on the left side of the picture.

This old, rusty, peeling semi trailer is one of my favorite places to use a backdrop.  Isn’t the back of the trailer cool looking?  Plus, I love the aqua and yellow side but would have to bring a ladder or platform for someone to stand on!

This small but unique building could be used…especially the weathered, white wood.

Even this shack outside of a baseball diamond would make a good backdrop…especially those doors!  I’m going to keep this one in mind so that I can use it in the future!

So, next time you drive around, keep your eyes open for fun backdrops.  Remember that is doesn’t have to be a huge background because you will be getting close to the subject anyway!  Also, check out the websites of some of your favorite photographers and see what they are using for their backdrops.  This can give you some great ideas to keep in mind!

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    GREAT ideas! I love old buildings and especially old barns. They always add so much character to a photo. I love the ones you found! Thanks for sharing these. I am going to drive out to find some in my area too.

  2. says

    Oh my gosh – I want that little baseball shack!! I live in yuppyville lol and now am on a mission to find some cool backdrops like that for photos!! These make me think outside the box though for what’s in my area. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. says

    Oh, these are such awesome places to take pictures! I need to be on the look out more, especially with the weather warming up. Picture time with my kiddos soon. 🙂

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