{Photography Editing} How To Match Image & Font Colors

 Ever try to get an image or sticker and the font colors to match perfectly? Or maybe you want to make the color of several stickers match. There is a really simple way to pick a specific color. Many of you probably already know this technique but I remember being amazed when I learned it and wishing that someone had shown me sooner!

Open an image in PicMonkey. For the tutorial, I opened a plain white canvas that I previously made. I added a heart sticker and chose an aqua color from the tool box on the right.

Next, I added the words love. Now to choose the color for the words, I clicked in the tall, narrow box on the right side of the tool box on the right. When I clicked in that box, an eyedropper appeared as my pointer. Just move the eyedropper pointer to where ever you want and it will pick up the color under it.
I  moved the dropper directly on top of the heart and voilà the same aqua color appeared on the word love! Isn’t that cool? This same method can be used for when you are adding text or a sticker to a photo and you want it to match a certain part of the photo. Just move the eyedropper to the part of the photo you want to match. Easy peasy!
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  1. says

    Thank You for this tutorial. I always have trouble with that. I can do all kind of things with pic monkey yet, I had not figured that out yet.
    Appreciate this post!

  2. says

    Seriously?? I had been trying to copy the “code” that appears in the toolbox for the color and paste it in when I clicked on the text. This is so much better! Thanks!

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