{Photography Editing} How To Use Pixlr To Adjust Color Levels

When I was taking my online photography class one of the most important things I learned was how to use Pixlr to adjust the color levels in pictures. Well, maybe it wasn’t the most important thing but it is the skill from the class that I use the most. I always edit my pictures because even when I think the photo is good there are always small edits that can make it better. I am going to use this picture of my niece opening a package to show you how to adjust the levels.
Go to Pixlr.com and choose Open Photo Editor. Pixlr is a free online photo editor. It does not need to be downloaded…you just use it online!
Choose Open Image From Computer and find the image you want to open.
The first step is to make a background copy. In the box on the right that says Layers, grab the blue Background bar and drag it down to the symbol for a New Layer that looks like a page being turned.
Next, go to Adjustment and then down to Levels.
The Levels box (histogram) will pop up. From the drop down Channels box choose Red.
Now the red levels show up. Move the right slider (highlights) until the peak of the triangle is pointing at the spot where the red begins. If the slider on the left (shadows) needs to be moved, follow the same procedure. The middle slider (midtones) does not have to be adjusted but play around with it if you want.
Next, choose Green and then Blue from the drop down Channels box and follow the same procedure, adjusting the right and left sliders, as needed.  When you’ve done all 3 colors, click OK.
 Can you tell the difference in this photo?  It looks way better!  To see the before/after of the image, uncheck the Background Copy box in the Layers box on the right.
The original image shows up. Recheck the Background Copy box and the edits appear again. Now, just save the image or continue with other edits, if desired.
Here is the before and after.  Adjusting this image took just a couple of minutes and really improved the picture!  There are times when adjusting the sliders does not improve the picture or adds too much of one color, when that happens adjust it to where it looks best to you rather than following the histogram.  Hopefully this will help make your pictures look even better!  I am wondering if this kind of tutorial is useful to you…
Should I post additional {easy} photo editing tutorials?

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  1. says

    This helped me so much! I just discovered your blog ten minutes ago, and I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to check more of it out after I finish my project 😉 Please post more photo editing tutorials! Thanks

  2. says

    Great tutorial! My goal is to improve my picture quality, so this was very helpful! Keep them coming!

    Kate @ crafty-kate.blogspot.com

  3. says

    I used pixlr in our food photography course because we had too, but I still felt overwhelmed and unsure of it even at the end of that class. I’ve been using picmonkey and LOVE IT! What I would really like to learn to do is put a light band across my pictures so my words stand out and can be read better. Do you know what I’m talking about? 🙂

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