{Photography} Making Food Look Delicious

Since I do recipe posts at least once a week, I end up taking a lot of pictures of food!  Food photography can be difficult for me because of the time constraints.  It is hard to try to take pictures of the cooking/baking process without interrupting the recipe.  Once the food is done it is hard to get pictures and then eat the meal while it is still warm.  But it’s fun to set up different styling and backgrounds!
I have some great news to share…I am enrolled in the Social Fabric University.  I’m sure you’ve seen that I am a member of Collective Bias.  Social Fabric is the online community of the Collective Bias members.  Anyway, my first class at the Social Fabric University is…
Food Photography by Sony

The class lasts 6 weeks and will cover topics like background, lighting, editing, props, styling and camera techniques. I will be required to complete 5 projects, 3 blogs posts, do required reading, take quizzes and I will receive a grade for all the work I do. By the end of my class, I should have a food photography portfolio!  My goal is to move forward with my photography skills to not only take the best pictures I can to showcase on my blog but to be able to share what I’ve learned with you as well!


This week we are talking about where we get inspiration pertaining to food photography.  I shared a few of the blogs with food pictures and professional food photographers that inspire me:
Our Best Bites :  I found this site a long time ago and have gotten many great recipes from it.  In the time since I started checking out their blog, they grown so much, revamped their site and have even put out a cookbook.  I appreciate the pictures of the cooking/baking process and they always include a photo of the ingredients before they get started.  I’ve gotten inspiration from this site for how to do a recipe post as well as styling ideas.

Whipperberry :  I’ve been a follower of Whipperberry for so long and I love her food photography as well as her pictures of crafts.  I like the backgrounds Heather chooses and I think that food in a jar is so cute although it is used so much by everyone.  I’ve been inspired by the little extra touches she adds as well, like burlap and baker’s twine.

The Pioneer Woman:  I think everyone knows who The Pioneer Woman is!  I love that she has photography tips to try to help out her readers.  In her food posts, I think it is really helpful that she puts lots of pictures of the process of making the recipe.  I like the bright, saturated colors in her pictures with the darker backgrounds.  It feels like her pictures are dark and bright at the same time which I suppose means there is a lot of contrast.  I’ve gotten some photography tips, great recipes and inspiration to take pictures of not only the finished product but the process as well.

Tidy Mom:  Cheryl’s pictures make me want to make (or just eat) whatever she posted about.  I like the styling and the pictures of the process which have both inspired me.

White On Rice Couple: They have the most beautiful food and food styling.  I came across a link someone posted to White On Rice a long time ago and fell in love that the first glance.  Not only do they make it look fantastic, they have food photography tips.  They also have videos on their website.  I love watching photographers in action and here is a link to one that I enjoyed: http://whiteonricecouple.com/films-documentaries/assignment/  As for what I’ve learned from them:  have fun, love what you are doing and try new ideas and techniques.

What food photographers inspire you or what websites make their food look delicious?

Be sure to check out my Photography Tips here.

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post although I am taking the photography course free of charge.
Due to stolen content, I have found it necessary to only show a snippet of my blog posts in my feed. Thank you for understanding that I want to keep the content I work hard to create on my website where it is originally published: thegunnysack.com
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  1. says

    I can photograph my invites and I can photograph most crafts but for some reason food gives me the hardest time! Can’t wait to see what tips you share from this class although I already think your pics are pretty swell!

    I agree …love Whipperberry’s pics!

  2. says

    Your photos are up there with those you mentioned Tonia. I too love Heather and Cheryl’s blog photos. These are some others I really love, more so for the photography:


    I’m like you though. I’m trying to photograph the meal, just after I’ve made it but with no props, just so I can eat it before it gets cold and I’ve got both the kids yelling, screaming and fighting in the background. I’ll be watching for more hints Tonia. Sounds great!

    Anne xx

  3. says

    Nice post, I take mostly food photos as well and am always looking for hints and tips. I am always inspired by the photography at ‘A view from Great Island’ fabulous styling.

  4. says

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the class. I thought about signing up since I sometimes do recipes posts but I can’t fit it in just yet.
    I would definitely agree that Pioneer Woman does a great job. I also love Our Best Bites. Mango and Tomato does a great job with her photos too.

  5. says

    I think you do an awesome job at making your food look so delicious! I first took note of food photography when I started reading The Pioneer Woman’s blog. I love the way she goes step by step through the recipe!

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