Photography Tip: How To Make A Container Appear Full

It has been a while since I shared a photography tip so when I was setting up my pink candy buffet table I snapped a couple extra pictures so that I could share a tip about how to make a container appear full when you don’t have enough filler.

Candy Filled Apothecary Jar

When I was shopping for the candy to fill my apothecary jars, I was surprised at how hard it was to find pink candy. Luckily, Valentine’s Day had just passed and there was still some leftover pink candy on clearance. I bought three bags of Hershey Kisses that had pink, silver and red in them. I removed the red Kisses but still didn’t have enough to fill the jar. So, I faked it by centering a smaller container in in the jar and putting the Kisses around and on top of the small container.

Photography Tip Glass FillerSince the apothecary jar is tall and narrow, I had to find a tall narrow container for the center. I looked through my cupboards and found this plastic baby bottle. I like to keep one bottle on hand just in case a friend’s child needs it when they are at my house. I flipped the bottle upside down and held it in place while putting Kisses all round it.

Jar Filler Photo TipEventually there were enough Kisses that they held the bottle in place and I could let go.

Photo Tip Jar FillerThen, I covered the top (or should I say the bottom) of the bottle with the rest of the Kisses

Soup Bowl Garnish Photography TipMy photo from my Chicken Wild Rice Soup post is another example of using a small container to fill a larger container. Is the chicken really floating? Nope it is resting on an upside down ramekin! This technique works really well for adding garnish to food photos. Garnishes like to sink to the bottom of the bowl so put something inside the bowl for it to rest on.

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