{Pixlr Express Tutorial} Edit Pictures With 6 Easy Steps

I do the best I can with my camera settings but I always edit my pictures before posting them.  I do not have Photoshop but hope to get it some day.  In the meantime, there are several different free programs for editing.  Today I am sharing how I use Pixlr Express to quickly edit photos with 6 easy steps.

Go to Pixlr Express and click browse to upload a picture from your computer

The editing options are along the bottom of the screen.  Click on one of the options and more choices will pop up.  In the upper right corner is Undo, Redo and Zoom…easy right?  Okay, let’s get started.

 1)  Contrast:  Click on Adjustment and then Contrast.  I used the sliders to bump up the Brightness and the Contrast.  Click apply.

2)  Color:  Click on Adjustment and then Color.  This picture looked too green to me so I moved the Hue slider to the left to add in some reds and clicked Apply.  Moving the Hue slider to the right cools the image (blues & greens) and moving it to the left warms an image (reds & yellows).

3)  Crop:  Click on Adjustment and then Crop.  I wanted to get rid of the green grass outside my window on the upper left of the image.  I used the small blue boxes in the corners of the grid to adjust the frame to where I want it.  Click Apply.  Pay attention to the grid in the center of the cropping frame.  This helps with the Rule of Thirds

 4)  Sharpen:  Click on Adjustment and then Sharpen.  The Amount and the Radius are already set so I just clicked Apply.

5)  Add Text:  Click on Adjustment and then Text.  There are 7 different choices of font types.  I chose Handwritten.  Type words in the box.  I typed “The Gunny Sack”.  Click on the Font box.  Choose the front you want.  I used Architects Daughter.  Use the white circles to adjust the size of the text box and move the text box to where you want it.

 6)  Text Color & Opacity:  Click on Color, choose a color you want.  I used white. Move the opacity slider to make the words blend into the background more.  Click Apply.

After editing, click Save in the upper left corner.  I always adjust the quality slider to the highest quality.
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Also, I am leaving TODAY to go up north with a BUNCH of ladies to a cabin for the weekend! WooHoo!  My husband took work off to stay home with the kids but isn’t it ironic that going on vacation takes work?  I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget to stop by to add your link to the Pinspired and Rewired contest tomorrow!
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