Print Instagram Photos For A Handmade Gift

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Print Instagram photos and then use this envelope template for a handmade gift.

Friends Sunsets Quote Envelope #shopOne of my best friends has a birthday coming up soon so I decided to make a small gift for her. We’ve been friends since we were teens and one of the things my friend loves is sunsets. As you can image, in that many years we’ve seen a lot of sunsets. This past summer we spent almost a month traveling together and enjoyed many sunsets in many different locations. I shared a lot of the sunset pictures on Instagram and wondered where to print Instagram photos. Well, I was just introduced to the photo features of the Walgreens Mobile app that allows me to print photos from my iPhone! Woohoo!

Walgreens App #shopI went the app store and downloaded the #WalgreensApp.

Walgreens Prints #shopWhen I opened the app, a “What’s New” message popped up telling me that I can use the app to order prints from Walgreens. The best part is that when you use QuickPrints they will be ready for pick up at Walgreens in about an hour!

Walgreens QuickPrints #shopI chose the Photo icon and was brought to the QuickPrints screen. I noticed that I can choose photos from my phone, Facebook, Instagram or Walgreens.

Walgreens Instagram #shopAfter I logged in, all I had to do was to select the photos I wanted and select the Checkout icon on the bottom of my screen. After choosing the photo size, I selected the Walgreens that I wanted to pick up the photos at and placed my order. I received a confirmation email saying that my order was placed. Once the prints were ready for pick-up, I received another email saying they were ready. I love that feature! I was out running errands and when after I received the email, I knew that my prints were ready so I stopped on my way home. I liked knowing that they were ready and that I wouldn’t be making the trip for nothing.

Envelope template #shop

After I picked up my Instagram prints, I made this envelope template. You can download it here:

Envelope Template

DIY Envelope For Instagram Photos #shopI wanted to add a quote to the envelope. So, I looked through lots of friend quotes and sunset quotes but didn’t see any that fit so I made up my own.

True friends are like sunsets; bright and beautiful with the glowing promise of always being there tomorrow.

 I opened my envelope template with photo editing software and added the quote. Then, I printed the template with the quote, onto a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbooking paper. I cut out the envelope and used a tape runner to adhere the flaps leaving the top open. She is going to love it and she can even add photos of more sunsets to the envelope! I know that she doesn’t have time to look at my blog every day so we shall see if she sees this before I can give it to her.

Here are some more ideas for printed Instagram photos:

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