Roadside Rescue ~ Curbside Cleanup ~ Junking

No matter what you call it…it is so much fun!!  I am talking about going around and collecting other peoples junk!  In one of the Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs, every spring they have a day where the citizens of that city can put their trash out at the curb and the city will come pick it up.  I’m not talking about regular, household trash like food waste but all of the other stuff they want to get rid of like this vintage velvet painting.  The city comes to pick it up on Saturday morning.  The residents can put items out up to 2 days before pick up.  The city is divided into sections so the entire cleanup is spread over 5 weekends.
And people like me get to rescue the trash first!!  Well, not really people like me (after looking at my pictures you will see why I say that) but anyone who wants to.  I snapped this picture of Zack and Vanessa right before I asked Zack to put the crutches down and get out of that person’s yard.  They were both having a blast!!

Some people are looking for items they can use right away like patio furniture.
And others are looking for scrap metal of any sort.
Traffic laws and safety rules go out the window as people gather as much good stuff as they can before someone else gets it!
 My biggest reason for going is not for the junk but for the entertainment of the people we see and the things they do!!  The kid on the right actually stopped dead in his tracks to watch as 2 women tried to turn around in the street with a trailer attached to their car.
We also get a laugh about the stuff that is out on the curbs.
So, what did we come home with?  I got an old bench that I plan to fix up and paint.  The kids got 7 squirt guns and 2 basketballs.  My husband got a mag for an old school BMX bike.  By no means did we score some big find but we sure had fun and laughed a lot.  The clean up continues for 2 more weekends so hopefully we can go at least one more time and who know what we will find!!
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  1. says

    I am always jealous of people who find such awesome stuff. The only thing I ever see out at the trash is just that….wrappers, rotten food, etc. Maybe someday I will come across something great…I am still waiting.

    I found your blog through the blogger comment club, thanks for letting me visit.

  2. says

    Oh, I am in love with that red chaise lounge things behind the framed artwork…

    Following ya from the May 1st hop. I’d love it if you came to “join the ride” at and we could cruise the neighborhood scoping out other people’s junk. =)

  3. says

    I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for stuff on the side of the road and good yard sales! Now that we have tons of extra room in our house, I’m excited to do some projects with furniture that I will hopefully find!

  4. says

    We have ‘clean-up week’ too. Last year I got the most beautiful, vintage (ok, beautiful to me) wine jugs (the huge ones!).

    So much fun and for once a free hobby.

  5. says

    Oh my word! That looks like SO much fun! We live in an itsy bitsy town with NOTHING like that! Man, maybe I need to find a town not too far away that does this and plan a little get away that just so happens to be during that time!

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