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Red Cross Drawstring Bags
A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my participation in the Energizer Champions For Kids SIMPLE Service project for the month of February.  My plan was to go into a school, talk to the kids about safety and make the kits together.  On Friday, I went to my son’s class with all of the supplies and the kids helped assemble their kits.  It was so much fun and the kids were very excited!!


This is the slideshow I discussed with the kids in Zack’s class.  We talked about different situations you may need to prepare for and how to prepare.  We discussed different situations where you might need help and who to call for help.  Next, we talked about disasters in Minnesota and then about what should be in a safety kit.

Safety Kit Supplies

Next came the really fun part!  I showed the kids all of the items they would be putting in their kits.  Each time I showed another item they would cheer.  They were so, so excited and couldn’t believe that they were going to be able to keep all of these items!  They were most excited about the flashlight & batteries and hat & gloves.

Each Safety Kit Included:
Red Cross Bag
2 Water Bottles
Facial Tissue
Fruit Snacks
Wet Ones
Large Gauze
Small Gauze
Family Supply List
Emergency Contact List
Family Photo From Home
Book From Home

Handmade Notebooks and Pencils

Instead of purchasing notebooks for each student, I made some by cutting lined paper and stapling a piece of color paper over the top.

First Aid Supplies
Mini First Aid Kits

Before going to the classroom, I assembled mini first aid kits.  I checked the ones in the travel section during my shopping trip to Walmart to see what they had in them.  I put the Band-Aids, Wet Ones and gauze pads in a plastic bag.

Safety Kit for Student

I also assembled a kit for the school nurse to give to a child in need.  Here are the items I put in the kit.

Excited Boy With Supplies

Zack was so pleased with the project.  When he got home from school he told me, “Mom, that was awesome when you brought all that stuff to my class.  I want you to do that every day!  Every time you showed something else to the kids that were all like YEAH!”  That is quite the testimony from a 9 year old!  He got to pick a bunch of his friends to help distribute all of the items for the bags.  They all had huge smiles on their faces and shouted “THANK YOU!!!!” before I left!

Filled Red Cross Bag
Red Cross Drawstring Bags Hanging On Line

I made the 25 drawstring bags for the supplies, one for each child in the class and one for the school nurse.  I will post the tutorial for the bags next week.

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    How AWESOME!!! I am so glad you stopped by Harrison Home so I could find your wonderful blog! So glad to meet you! Following you now too on the new linky!

  2. says

    Oh, you’re such a good Mum Tonia. What a great thing to do. I’ve been meaning to get an Emergency Kit organised for our home but really should. You never know what’s going to happen with our weather. No snow storms though, but hey, anything’s possible.

    Anne xx

  3. says

    What a wonderful idea! Something that I can incorporate as an emergency kit for special needs kids as well! Add those special little items that some need to help keep them calm (sensory related). Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. says

    I love those bags you made! (Well, I love the whole project…it’s awesome.) But the bags make me want to break out my sewing machine right now and try to make some.
    And it’s great that the entire class got a chance to learn about safety and make their own kits. So very, very cool.

  5. says

    This is a great idea!! I’ve been wanting to make an emergency kit for my kids and I!! {We need an earthquake kit here in Cali!} :):) Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to the bag tutorial! That was my favorite part of the kit! ;o) Have a great weekend! {And happy belated Valentine’s Day!} xo, Reannah

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