Small Business Saturday

So everyone knows about Black Friday and loves heading out to score great deals. And many of us do some big time online shopping on Cyber Monday. But how many of you know about Small Business Saturday? Small Business Saturday is a day for supporting small businesses right in your community! It falls right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year, Small Business Saturday is on November 24th and I am excited to be participating in the Small Business Saturday campaign! As part of this campaign I will be sharing information about Small Business Saturday with you but the best part is that I get to go shopping on Small Business Saturday!

Some of my favorite small businesses are boutiques and shops that hold occasional sales. There are so many in the western suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul! One of the towns with several in a small area is Buffalo, Minnesota. These shops include Second Hand Rose, The Porch, Atelier, Bellacoux and Thistle Dew, Yesterday’s Charm, Kathie’s Finds and not too far away is The Rusty Truck. I love shopping, browsing and getting inspired at these shops. There are a few friends of mine who sell items at these businesses! I can relate to these women because they have found a way to take what they love and make an income from it! They inspire me to continue with my work and the lovely items they create inspire me to continue crafting. The collage above is a bunch of pictures of things I like that I’ve taken while shopping. I feel that my blog empowers other women to try new crafting techniques, do some DIY home decorating or to try a new recipe. I encourage women to share the things they create in my weekly link party and to support one another!

For me, my blog is my small business. It started out as a way for craft sale customers to find me online. It has grown into a way to help contribute to our family’s income. In no way could I support my family on what I make but every bit helps! I love that I can stay home and be here when my kids are. For example, one of my kids got strep throat yesterday. She was able to stay home with me and I didn’t have to take the day off to bring her to the doctor. While she was sleeping and resting, I was able to work and when she needed me, I could stop what I was doing to help her. My family is proud of what I do and they are quick to tell their friends about my site. They participate in crafting and shopping for various blog posts. I even had Christine write her own sponsored post once and I think she was surprise at how much goes into one blog post! I want my kids to learn that you have to work hard in life at whatever you do whether that is going to school, working your job or being a parent but if you love what you do then the work isn’t so hard!

What’s your favorite small business?

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