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I have guest this week for Summer Camp!!  Stephanie from Henry Happened is another one of the fabulous, supportive women I have met in the blog-o-sphere. She is the mom of 2 adorable youngsters and is currently at the beach on the east coast…as the kids would say…awwww…NO FAIR!!

Hi Gunny Sack readers! I’m Stephanie from the blog, Henry Happened. I’m such a fan of Tonia – she was one of my Cool Moms! – so I’m excited to share our little party in her creative space.

I needed a perfect day for our Summer Camp Star Party – one where I new Caroline could actually stay up late enough to see the stars without a major meltdown! (She’s almost 4.)
To get her excited, we started with food. Her favorites to be exact: cheese and cookies. Oh, and “asteroids.”
She had such fun cutting out different sized stars in watermelon, cheese and bread.
Star cookies need star sprinkles, right?
Then we made flying saucers out of paper plates (just staple two together) and a Spotting Scope (a la Diego) from a paper towel roll.
We danced and sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and colored some star pages downloaded here.
I admit we had a super time together – it’s amazing how much easier the day is if you have a PLAN. Must try that more often! 🙂
Caroline didn’t end up staying up late enough to see too many stars (sundown is like 9:30 here!) but we had fun throwing the saucers around and checking out the moon. There are lots more creative star ideas here for your budding astronomers.
Thank you again Tonia!
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