Pedicure In A Jar ~ Mason Jar Gift

This handmade gift idea is a Pedicure In A Jar. I gave these cute mason jar gifts to my girlfriends this summer.

Pedicure In A JarEarlier this summer I went on an annual girlfriends getaway weekend. I have been friends with the ladies I went with for most of our lives and my friends are truly a gift from God. Life gets so busy and there were a few years where we didn’t see much of each other. Finally, we decided to plan a yearly getaway for just us girls so that we would be sure to make time to stay connected. We’ve been going on these getaways for 13 years now. So far, we haven’t gone anywhere that involves an airplane but we keep promising that will happen one of these days. I wanted to give my friends a small gift just for fun and decided to make a Pedicure In A Jar.

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