Ruffled Pillow Tutorial

Last weekend when I was shopping with my girlfriends, we stopped by Anthropologie.  Wow….I could spend some serious cash there!!
Anthropologie – Meet Me In St. Louis Pillow
I spotted this gorgeous pillow for $98.00.  It was super soft and so adorable that I just had to make one!
I used an old t-shirt, a hoodie with a broken zipper, a pair of pajama pants and some white jersey material I had because I could find a plain white t-shirt in my stash.
Cut the material in strips that are 2 inches wide by 22 inches long.
Make cuts every 2 1/2 inches along the strip.  I stacked a couple of strips and then made the cuts to make it go faster.  Then, round the corners of the tabs.
Cut 2 pieces of material that are 14 x 22 inches long.  Sew the ruffle strips on one of the large rectangles, about every inch so they overlap.  I pinned the strips on and just held them out of the way of the one I was sewing.
Sew the second 14 x 22 inch piece of material to the ruffled pieces, right sides together.  Be careful not to mess up the ruffles inside the pillow.  Make sure you leave an opening.
Turn the pillow right side out and stuff it.  Sew the opening shut and the pillow is ready!
Thanks for stopping by today!


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  1. says

    Great job (again). You’ve done it again… made an awesome pillow!

    Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. I featured your unique gift wrapping idea today. We hope you join us again tomorrow for another edition of “What’s Up Wednesdays”.

  2. says

    OMG Tonia! $98! Are you kidding me? I just love it that when you see something you just go home and make it. I’m kinda glad we don’t have Anthropologie here. I could do some serious damage too. You’re amazing.

    Anne xx

  3. says

    very nice…just got a cheap sewing machine to see if I can teach myself to sew. awesome job

    You did awesome job

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  4. says

    I love Anthropologie so I LOVE this DIY!! I don’t have the patience/skills for these kinds of projects, so I think you should make these and sell them! 🙂

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