{Winter Fun} Ice Skating at Centennial Lakes Park

One of the joys of living in Minnesota is outdoor ice skating. As kids, we grew up spending our winters skating on outdoor rinks in our neighborhood parks. Besides the outdoor ponds and lakes that are available for ice skating, every city has outdoor rinks that are maintained by the city. For example, the city of Eden Prairie has seven different outdoor ice rinks and Minnetonka has eight outdoor rinks. We recently went skating at Centennial Lakes Park in Edina. This was our first time skating there as a family in the evening and it was so much fun!

There was a light snow falling which made the setting even more beautiful! Vanessa took this picture of me and Brian.

The streaks in the pictures are the snowflakes falling down. The weather was perfect for ice skating. It was cold enough for the ice to stay frozen but warm enough to be comfortable in winter wear.

This is one side of the warming house at the Centennial Lakes Park. Our neighborhood ice rinks have warming houses but they are tiny little wooden shacks with wooden benches along the sides. Nothing fancy but there are heated and they provide a place to sit.

The inside of the Centennial Lakes Park warming house has two fireplaces, places to sit, lockers, restrooms, concessions and skate rentals.

There are three frozen ponds that are connected by canals so you can skate from pond to pond. Bridges with lights go over the canals and lighted trees edge the sides.

The skating area is groomed daily to make the ice skate-able. Want to learn more about how they do it? Check out Is It Ice Yet?

Interestingly enough, I am just learning that ice skating isn’t the norm for people in many states including states that border Minnesota. We have friends in South Dakota who have never ice skated even though they have a climate similar to ours. While we were at Centennial Lakes Park, we visited with a woman from Wisconsin who was going skating for the first time. She said they didn’t do a lot of ice skating in Wisconsin. So, if you ever visit Minnesota in the winter be sure to give outdoor ice skating a try!

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