Zipper Trim Leather Camera Case

Say hello to our new camera!

We got a new digital camera and gave our old one to our kids. I still love the Nikon D200 but am really excited to have a smaller camera that is easy to carry around.

But before I could start carrying it around, I needed a camera case and decided to use some of my leather stash to make one. I love the zipper look that is everywhere these days so I added a zipper trim and handle.

It is nothing fancy and doesn’t have any interior pockets. But unlike with a DSLR I don’t need many pockets. At some point I may add a small insert for extra batteries (this camera runs on AA batteries).

I used 2 layers of black leather, one for the exterior and one for the interior. The leather won’t leave fuzz on the camera. It has a velcro closure.

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