1. Garlic Butter Sauce Our family's favorite pizza dipping sauce is garlic butter sauce! Offered at many pizza restaurants, garlic butter sauce can be used for pizza, breadsticks, garlic bread, and more!

2. Ranch Dressing Ranch dressing is the second most selected choice in our family. The cool, creamy ranch dressing perfectly complements the spicy flavors on a pizza. This one is great on taco pizza too!

3. Pizza Sauce If you love your pizza with lots of sauce, go ahead and get some pizza sauce on the side to dip it in! Some restaurants don’t add as much sauce to their pizza, and having some as a dip is a great way to eat it how you want it.

4. Meat Sauce Many restaurants also offer a meat sauce in addition to their pizza sauce. It tastes similar to pizza sauce but has a meatier flavor and includes pieces of ground beef or sausage.

5. Honey Mustard Sauce Spicy honey mustard is fantastic on a bacon cheeseburger pizza or chicken bacon pizza with garlic sauce. The sweet, tangy sauce contrasts well with the meaty flavors on those pizzas.

6. Buffalo Sauce The spicy, zesty flavor of buffalo sauce goes well on chicken ranch pizza. The flavor reminds us of buffalo chicken wings. Buffalo sauce enthusiasts can put this one on every pizza!

7. Alfredo Sauce You can use alfredo sauce on pepperoni or chicken alfredo pizza. Plus, we love this one on pizza sticks and Texas toast too. We suggest making homemade alfredo sauce for the best flavor!

8. Barbecue Sauce The smoky, sweet, tangy flavor of barbecue sauce goes great on pizza! It’s most often used with pulled pork pizzas or Hawaiian pizzas. But you can also dip pepperoni pizza in it!

9. Blue Cheese Sauce You can use blue cheese sauce to contrast the spicy flavors of pizzas made with barbecue sauce or pizza sauce. Plus, it can play up the flavor game of mild pizzas made with white sauce.

10. Cheese Sauce And last but certainly not least, we have cheese sauce! Pizza already has cheese on it, so why not dip it in cheese sauce? This one would go very well with macaroni and cheese pizza or with cheeseburger pizza.