1. Spot The watermelon spot is the place where the watermelon sat and ripened on the ground under the sun in the field.

2. Stem Check the watermelon stem to see if it was allowed to ripen long enough.

3. Sound The sound you hear when you knock on a watermelon can tell you if it is ripe enough or not!

4. Scale The weight of the watermelon can clue you in to it's quality!

5. Skin Check the watermelon’s skin for bruises, open gashes, lumps, or bumps

Bonus Watermelon S’s

1. Symmetry - Pick a watermelon that looks symmetrical 2. Softness - Gently press on the watermelon to check for softness.  (A good watermelon should be firm, not soft.) 3. Seeds - Check the sticker on the watermelon to see if it has seeds or is seedless. Both are good but make sure you check so that you are getting the kind you want.