Who doesn't love a good burger sauce?

A good burger sauce can add so much and take your burger-eating enjoyment to the next level! I love a good cheeseburger with a juicy burger patty, crispy bacon, melty cheese, and, let's not forget, that special sauce! Aww, man, my stomach is growling now. Let's go!

The right blend of ingredients for your burger sauce will up the flavor game of any burger and make you wish you could carry the bottle with you to your favorite burger joint!

It really is as easy as whisking the ingredients together until smooth and creamy.

Transfer to a bowl or dish for serving if using the sauce right away. We like to have some for later in a squeeze bottle that we keep in the fridge!

Make this burger sauce before your next backyard barbecue or summer picnic. Your guests will love it!

There are many other things you can use this sauce for too! Dip your fries in it, or slather it on your pizza! Enjoy it with flatbread, or dunk those veggies in this sweet and spicy sauce!

Even if you just stick with using this hamburger sauce on good ol' fashioned hamburgers, you won't be disappointed! Using ingredients you most likely already have on hand...you can whip this up in minutes!

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