{Back To School} Brown Paper Candy Grams

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I’ve seen several cute candy grams on Pinterest. The ones that start with a large piece of poster board and have several candy bars attached along with words tying in the candy names. So, along those same lines I decided to make some “cheesy” back to school candy packages.

I decided to use Red Hots, Airheads, Extra Gum, Starburst, Crunch and Nerds. I made this printable with a saying for each kind of candy. You can get the printable by saving the image or by downloading it from here:

Candy Gram Printables

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wrap box

I planned to just attach each tag directly to the candy packages, but I decided that the tags would be lost. So, I wrapped each package in brown paper.
candy gram

Using a paper punch, I attached the labels with baker’s twine. I did the packages one at a time so that I wouldn’t mix up the labels.
Back To School Candy Grams
What are some more back to school candy sayings?
May You Find Time To Snicker
Be Sure To Work Extra Hard This Year
Don’t Be A Dum-Dum
I Mint To Tell You I Think You’re Great
I Think You’re A Smartie
back to school treat boxes

Back To School Treat Boxes

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Printable Lunchbox Jokes for Kids

printable lunch bag

How To Print On Brown Paper Lunch Bags

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  1. says

    That’s so cool Tonia. I’ve seen something similar with Australian candy bars but I can’t seem to track down the little sayings but I guess you could just make them up. These are great.

    Anne xx

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