{Pinspired & Rewired} Map Wreath Tutorial

Last Friday, I announced the exciting new contest series called Pinspired & Rewired that I am hosting along with Southern Lovely, Gingersnap Crafts and Family Ever After. We chose a wreath from Pinterest and then made our own version! Each of the 4 hosts will be posting their tutorials today so make sure you stop by the other sites!

 This wreath by Made In A Day was our inspiration this month.

I wanted to use burlap in some way but I decided not to use it for the entire wreath.  Instead I choose maps for the cones!  I needed 3 maps for my project.  I cut the maps into 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ squares.  I rolled the squares into cone shapes that I held in place with a glue spot.  You can used another type of glue or even tape, if desired.
Once I had a huge pile of map cones, I cut out a wreath shape from foam board.   To get the shape, I traced 2 upturned bowls.
Then, I attached the map cones to the wreath.  I used more glue spots to attach them…one for each cone.  After doing the first ring, I continued with the second and then the third ring.
For the fourth and final ring of map cones, I bent the cone’s point around the back of the wreath and held it in place with a glue spot.  Then, I attached a strip of burlap to the inside of the wreath by hot gluing it on the front.  Next, I folded the burlap over and glued it on the back..
I used a long piece of burlap to hang the wreath.  Of course, this can’t be an outdoor wreath but it can be kept on the inside of a door or between 2 doors where it would be protected from the elements.

Now it’s your turn!  Find a wreath, pin it and make your own version!  Then, enter it into the contest to win one of 3 fantastic prizes!

Check out the details here:

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  1. says

    So could you tell me how big your foam board is…like inches across? I don’t think I have a bowl that big…I’m so making this! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. says

    I LOVE your wreath!! Kicking myself because I just threw away an old map the other day… I could’ve turned it into something beautiful!
    Laurie @ Gallamore West 🙂

  3. says

    That looks so pretty Tonia, considering it’s a map. I love how you just cut out a wreath from cardboard. So many times I’ve thought about making one for various holidays but couldn’t justify the cost of a blank wreath. I’ll try this from now on.

    Anne xx

  4. says

    When I saw your wreath I was in awe! You did an amazing job, I LOVE, love how perfectly placed each roll is. And I think the map was a genius idea. Awesome job friend, I love your version of this!

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