{Tutorial Tuesday} Felt Acorns

One of nature’s gifts in the fall are acorns! We have a few oak trees in our yard so there are plenty of acorns to collect in the grass.  They can be a big pain to clean up, but they are fun to use for crafts.  Vanessa uses the acorn caps as whistles!!  Not sure how she does it, but it is really loud.  Rather than making noise, I like to make felt acorns with the caps!

First, collect a bunch of acorn caps.

Cut a circle out of felted wool and some scraps or two for stuffing.  If you don’t have any felted wool or have not clue what that even is, a piece of material would work too! I made this felted wool using a secondhand wool sweater. I washed the sweater in hot water and it shrunk, making the threads really tight.

Squeeze a bunch of hot glue into the acorn cap.

Gather up the circle with the stuffing inside and stick it into the hot glue in the acorn cap.

Make a bunch more in different colors.  Add a loop of yarn to each top for hanging or glue the felt acorns to a piece of twine to make an acorn garland.

Do you get acorns where you live or do you have some other kind of fun seeds to collect?

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    I just did a post this week about all the acorns in my yard. I found another tutorial on felted acorns, but it was so ridiculously hard looking that I gave up on the idea. But this looks like something I can do. Thanks!

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    These are so cute. I can’t wait to make some this Fall. Thanks for sharing them at the Autumn Point of View link party. I’m featuring these on my blog today.

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    I just love this project and can not wait to try it out. I have hundreds of scrub oaks around me and will be busy tomorrow gathering the tops of the acorns.

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    I have seen these and love how they look. You make it sound simple to make them. I am sure my results will not be as uniform and finished as yours but I am going to give it a try.

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    I LOVE this idea! You are seriously one creative gal! And it turned out adorable! Thanks for supporting Show & Share with this! I am so glad I discovered your great blog!

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    oohh my goodness I am so beyond inspired by this! Truly beautiful and simple. Gosh I am for sure going to have to add this to my to-do list! Thank you SO much for linking up :o)
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
    p.s. I am for sure your newest fan and adoring follower!

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    Hi Tonia! How are you? I’m back from my mini vacation. I’ve missed catching up with you and what you’ve been up to. Those acorns are so cute. I don’t think they grow over here but we have gumnuts from the eucalypt gum trees that are used in crafts. Looking forward to reading your other posts I’ve missed.

    Anne xx

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