Washi Tape Bandages Tutorial {Pinspired & Rewired}

For this month’s Pinspired & Rewired contest, I chose to make Washi Tape Bandages!
These DIY fabric plasters from Twigg Studios were my Pinspiration!
The rewired part was that instead of using fabric, I used washi tape!
I have several rolls of washi tape and I am always on the lookout for more…this could become a problem!  I gathered the washi tape and various sized Band-Aids.

Then, I used double sided tape to attach the washi tape to the bandages.  Washi tape isn’t very sticky so I thought the double sided tape would help.  After sticking all of the layers together, I trimmed off any extras.

But the double sided tape wouldn’t stick to the bandages very well!
It might be the type of bandages I have…who knows but it just peeled right off.
So, I decided to use glue spots instead of the double sided tape
and it worked!  I used 3 spots for each bandage.

They look so cute in this jar!  Another fun idea for washi tape bandages is to make fake bandaids for kids to play with!  Since the tape isn’t very sticky, it would be the perfect fake bandages!  Just cut the washi tape into bandage sized strips using a real bandaid as a pattern.  If making a bunch of them, use a piece of waxed paper for a backing.

Now it’s your turn…go get crafty and enter your post in the contest next
Friday for the opportunity to win one of 3 Target gift cards from Groopdealz!
You can get all of the contest details here:  Pinspired & Rewired Month 3

All 4 hosts will be posting their tutorial today so be sure to check them out too!
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  1. Cindy says

    Cut idea, but…the reason they didn’t stick was because you basically taped not-very-sticky washi tape to…well…tape. It was the not-very-sticky-glue of the washi tape that didn’t stick. Try fabric scraps or tissue paper. They would also breathe – like the bandages.

  2. Nancy says

    Was on the look out for something llike this for my sunday class children. LOVELY idea! :). And such a cute wahitape collection! 🙂

  3. Eva says

    Super cute for children to play with! I only doubt I’d use them as real bandaids, as they won’t allow the skin to breathe, once you’ve covered all the little wholes on the original bandaid. Anyway, I love al your post. Very inspiring 😉

  4. says

    This is a super cute idea! But…Bandaids do come prepackaged in those little paper strips for a reason – to keep them clean and sterile, so while this idea is super cute it might not be the best idea in terms of safety 🙂 Sorry to be a Debbie-Downer :/

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