Gift In A Jar Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub

This pampering gift in a jar is an orange creamsicle sugar scrub recipe that uses coconut oil and smells good enough to eat.


Who doesn’t need a little pampering in their life? Mix up a big batch of this orange creamsicle sugar scrub, put it into small mason jars and give this gift in a jar to the women in your life. The smell reminds me of summer and the coconut oil helps keep your skin soft and smooth!

Sugar Scrub Pampering Gift In A JarI will be giving this gift in a jar to my mom as part of her Mother’s Day gift. To make the orange creamsicle sugar scrub, I used my recipe for Maple Brown Sugar Scrub but used coconut oil instead of olive oil. I really like fresh, clean citrus scents so I chose orange essential oil. I also added vanilla extract to give it a creamsicle smell. I didn’t have any vanilla essential oil and didn’t feel like running back to the store but if you have some on hand, use several drops of that instead of the vanilla extract.

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub IngredientsTo make one 8 oz mason jar of orange creamsicle sugar scrub, you need 1/4 cup of coconut oil, 3/4 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 10 drops of orange essential oil.

Soften Coconut OilSoften the coconut oil in the microwave for a few seconds.

How To Make Sugar ScrubAdd the vanilla extract and the orange essential oil. Then, stir in the sugar, 1/4 cup at a time.

Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub LabelPrint off this fun label and attach it to the jars. To print the labels, I opened a blank Word document, inserted the label image using Insert and choosing Picture. I resized the label to whatever would fit on my jar. If you are making more than one, copy and paste for however many labels you need. Then, add a couple pieces of baker’s twine around the lid or a strip of washi tape across the lid. You can download the free printable here: Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub Printable Label

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub RecipeI wish you could smell this sugar scrub! Vanessa asked me if it was edible and Christine said, “Yummmm!” and immediately wanted to try using it.

Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub RecipeThe coconut oil will return to a solid form but the sugar scrub will soften in your hands or you can add a little warm water to the scrub that you scoop into your hands. We have a jar of this in our bathroom and have been using it for the past couple of days. It makes your legs and feet feel amazingly smooth! Just be careful though because products containing oil can make the shower/tub slippery!

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  1. Shelly says

    Sorry if this is a silly question… I see this scrub is made for your body. Would it be okay to use on your face as well?

    • says

      It would depend on your skin. I’ve heard it both ways. Some people love it for their skin, including their face and other says that it causes them to breakout. Best of luck! ~Tonia

    • MJ says

      I use sugar scrubs on my face all the time and haven’t had a problem. My skin is not prone to breakouts though. Try a little on a small spot and see how it goes before using it all over your face. HTH! πŸ™‚

  2. Rose says

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful recipe! I have tweaked it a bit, but it is great!! I used dōTERRA’s Wild Orange, pure vanilla extract, sugar and Sunflower Oil (because a massage therapist told me that it is sooooo good for your skin!) I like Olive Oil too though. Your photography is BEAUTIFUL and I just wanted to thank you again for sharing this! I made them back in March and gave them as take home gifts to my guests at my classes. Have a blessed day!πŸ˜‡ 🍊

  3. April says

    I was wondering…does the coconut oil have to be heated? Or can it be used in its solid form? Can’t wait to try this!

    • Tonia says

      You can use it in the solid form. It will take a little more muscle to get it mixed up and it might take less sugar too.

  4. Chelsie says

    This is AMAZING! I made it for a girls spa night I’m hosting tomorrow, and I’m so excited to share it! I added some orange zest for color. This will be going in my Mother’s Day gifts this year too πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • Tonia says

      Hi Nebi,
      I bought this essential oil from Coborns grocery store. It is also sold in natural food stores and on Amazon! Enjoy!

    • Crystal says

      You can buy the purest oils from doterra through me if you would like. They have changed our medicine cabinet for the better, we absolutely love them! Contact me if interested in the purest oils out there! πŸ™‚ If an oil doesn’t state for internal use then I would not apply it on my skin.

  5. says

    I wonder if you could grate some of an orange rind and then squeeze some of the juice from an orange and use that instead of buying essential oil? I have made a lemon sugar scrub from the rind of a lemon and the juice and it turned out wonderful! Would save some money in not having to buy the oil. I have even thought of a lime scrub or lemon/lime combo. Just a thought!

  6. Hannah says

    I have whipped up one of these already (to test) and will make more for all the females in my family for Christmas. My goal is to be more frugal and this is perfect! Thank you. My skin is silky smooth!

    • Tonia says

      Yay! Doesn’t it smell amazing! My daughter really loves these sugar scrubs that I’ve made with coconut oil. Thanks Hannah!

    • Tonia says

      Hi Leslie,
      I’m not sure how long it will last. I found some that I’ve had for 5 months and it seems fine to me. I don’t know a lot about coconut oil but I’ve heard that it has antimicrobial properties (check out this study so that should help it last. But my best recommendation is to use it as soon as possible.

    • Tonia says

      Hi Jessica,
      As for which is a better scrub, either one works. I would think more about what smell and look you are going for. I think for the orange creamsicle scent, the white sugar works better and looks better. Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

    • Tonia says

      Hi Christina,
      Coconut oil is sold in many places from natural foods stores to Walmart. I’ve even seen it in the cooking aisle of our small local grocery store. I purchased the orange oil at Coborn’s. If you are unable to find orange oil, I would suggest using orange extract located near the vanilla extract in the baking aisle. I bought the mason jars at Walmart. Best of luck!

  7. Sophie says

    Just made it (with brown sugar cos that’s what I had), my skin feels fantastic, I know what my friends are all getting for birthday presents this year, thanks so much for sharing!

    • Tonia says

      Wonderful! I am delighted to hear that! I have a jar in my shower that me and my teen use. We love it too!

  8. says

    this looks fabulous Tonia, I have never made a scrub with coconut oil and I can imagine it is divine! What a lovely summer treat, thanks so much!

    • Tonia says

      Thanks Jenna! This was my first time purchasing and using coconut oil. The biggest surprise was that it doesn’t have a scent!

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