Snow Cone Sugar Scrub Recipe

Snow Cone Sugar Scrub made with coconut oil and sugar is a perfect for summer!

Snow Cone Sugar Scrub

Raise your hand if you have fond memories of eating snow cones as a kidor maybe you still love eating them. My husband used to have a guy that would ride a bike with a cart through his neighborhood, selling snow cones. We didn’t have a “snow cone guy” but we would get snow cones from concession stands and street vendors. I thought it would be fun to make a snow cone sugar scrub for summer. It smells delicious and makes your skin so soft!

Sugar Scrub Recipe

For each color, mix together 3 tablespoons coconut oil and 2 teaspoons almond oil. Add 1/3 cup granulated sugar to each.

Lorann Oils

Add a couple of drops of flavored oil for scent and a drop or two of food coloring to tint the sugar scrub. I put watermelon oil in the pink sugar scrub, lime oil in the green sugar scrub and raspberry in the blue sugar scrub.

Rainbow Sugar Scrub

Tilt a small jar (I used Kerr 8 oz jars Kerr Half-Pint Wide Mouth) to the side and spoon in the colored sugar scrub, one layer at a time. The coconut oil might return to a solid form, but the sugar scrub will soften in your hands or you can add a little warm water to the scrub one it is in your hands. It makes your legs and feet feel amazingly smooth! Just be careful though, because products containing oil can make the shower/tub slippery!

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  1. Lexe says

    Hi, is the granulated sugar same as the white sugar? As I’m from Singapore & i’m a teenger and I have never heard of granulated sugar… 😅😅

  2. Mj says

    You used flavors is this the same things that can be used in food or are you really using oils that are used for candles soups and bath products.

  3. Caitlyn says

    Is there something we can exchange the coconut oil for? I want to make some for my mother but she’s allergic to coconut.

  4. jana says

    Hi there, you can get the jars at Walmart and for those of you that are worried the food coloring will stain your skin. It does not you use so little of it and when it hits the water it doesn’t even show up on your skin. I have been making these for a long time now and never have I had any color on my skin.

  5. Bee says

    I am thinking the summer temperatures will soften the coconut oil and the colors will run together, leaving a not very pretty color. I am making over 50 of these and can keep them cool but what happens after the girls get them is out of my control. I will be doing one color per container just to be on the safe side.

    • Tonia says

      I used the regular food coloring liquid. If you are concerned, you can make scented, but still white, sugar scrub.

    • Tonia says

      Yes, it can be used on your face, but it depends on your skin. Some people have issues with coconut oil making them break out. Enjoy! ~Tonia

  6. Ashley says

    This sounds like a great idea. I was wondering, would you be able to use brown sugar instead of granulated sugar? Please reply.

  7. April S says

    Instead of granulated sugar, do you think I could use ground candy canes for Christmas time? Also is there anything I can substitute for the Almond Oil? Vitamin E oil or Olive Oil perhaps?

    • Tonia says

      Hello Zarmeen,
      The sugar scrub will work great without the oils, but it won’t have a scent. As for a substitute, you could add fragrance oil specifically formulated for bath and body products. Best of luck!

    • Tonia says

      Thank you for asking, Morgan! I’ve updated the post to hopefully make it more clear. Yes, you need to mix an equal amount of ingredients for each of the scents.

    • Tonia says

      That hasn’t happened to me, but if you are concerned, you could leave the color out and just enjoy the scent!

  8. Nana Dear says

    I am eager to make this sugar scrub and considering giving these as summer gifts. Where did you get the cute little salt wood spoon?

    • Tonia says

      Hi Jana,
      I would suggest using it within a month, but I’ve found some in my bathroom cabinet that is several months old and it still works fine. It does not need to be kept in the fridge. Enjoy!

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