S’mores Pancakes Recipe

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S’mores Pancakes are a fun summer breakfast idea and a great way to start a busy summer day!

S'mores Pancakes Recipe

We’ve been having a busy summer filled with summertime activities. We’ve been swimming, playing basketball, hiking, playing tennis and biking. While on vacation we visited a water park, spent time in the hotel pool and hiked around in the Big Horn Mountains. We visited lots of friends along the way and my kids rode bikes and rip sticks, played basketball and jumped on trampolines during the day. At night, they played games like Kick the Can and Sardines. Each day, before heading out to start that day’s activities, we ate a filling breakfast. We had everything from waffles, French toast, bagels and cereal to eggs, fruit, breakfast sausage, bacon and toast. Once we are back at home, I want my kids to continue having a delicious breakfast to start their day. Walmart has the best prices on breakfast items that make an at-home breakfast affordable. Christine loves blueberry muffins and would love to start her day off with a blueberry muffin fresh from the oven made from Martha White© Muffin Mix. Smuckers© jellies and jams are staples in our house and are perfect for on toast or English muffins. Another household staple is Hungry Jack© Pancake/Waffle Mix and Hungry Jack© Syrup. Not only do we use it for breakfast, we‘ve also been know to have pancakes for dinner! Walmart also has a big selection of Folgers© coffee and Folgers© K-Cups. I’ve been buying the Folgers© Vanilla Biscotti and Caramel Drizzle K-Cups for my Keurig from Walmart. I recently found a new flavor called Mocha Swirl. It sounds delicious!

Since s’mores are a classic summer treat, I decided to put a little of that treat into my kid’s breakfast by making S’mores Pancakes.

Breakfast Ideas

I used Hungry Jack© Extra Light and Fluffy Pancake Mix to make the pancakes. I’ve been buying this pancake mix for a while now. I really like that I only have to add water to make the pancakes and I love that they are extra light and fluffy. We used Hungry Jack© syrup for the pancakes and can I just say that I LOVE the Hungry Jack© syrup bottle. I’ve been buying it for years because not only does it fit into the microwave, it has that cute little temperature indicator on the front of the bottle! To drink, I tried out the Folgers© Gourmet Selections Mocha Swirl coffee.

S'mores Ingredients

The pancakes are easy to make. Following the directions on the package, mix up the pancake batter. I used 1 cup of pancake mix and 3/4 cup of water. After allowing the batter to rest for 3 minutes, I added 1/4 cup of mini chocolate chips, 1/4 cup of mini marshmallows (I used the Jet Puffed Mallow Bits which are tiny, crunchy marshmallows) and 1/4 cup of crushed Golden Graham cereal (I used cereal instead of graham crackers in the hopes that it wouldn’t dissolve as quickly).

Pancake Recipe

Cook the pancakes according to the directions on the package. Then, spread with your choice of toppings. In the first photos, I used marshmallow cream between the layers. In the photo above, I used whipped peanut butter and chocolate for the first layer and marshmallow cream for the second layer. You can use a kitchen torch to toast the marshmallow cream to make it more authentic. The s’mores flavor isn’t very strong in these pancakes but we sure enjoyed them anyway. They are a fun summer breakfast and a great way to start off a summer morning! Breakfast made at home is cheaper than quick-service restaurants and it takes less time. Plus, it is another opportunity to spend time with your kids and visit about how things have been going for them.

What is your family’s favorite summer breakfast?

S’more Pancakes Recipe
Recipe type: Breakfast
  • 1 cup Hungry Jack© Extra Light and Fluffy Pancake Mix
  • ¾ cup water
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup marshmallow bits
  • 1 cup syrup
  • Optional:!
  • ¼ cup crushed Golden Graham cereal.
  • ½ cup marshmallow cream
  • ½ cup peanut butter & chocolate mix
  1. Mix together pancake mix and water.
  2. Allow mixture to sit for 3 minutes.
  3. Add mini chocolate chips, marshmallow bits and cereal.
  4. Cook pancakes over medium heat.
  5. Layer peanut butter/chocolate with marshmallow cream.
  6. Top with syrup.

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  1. Julie says

    FYI you should never let pancake batter rest (or any quick bread batter). Mix till just combined and very lumpy and throw on the griddle!

  2. Michael says

    If pre-mix pancake stuff isn’t available try:
    Set aside 1/3 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 Cup marshmallow bits (I chopped up a bunch of stale ones into 1/4 inch bits)

    1 1/2 cups flour
    1/3 cups graham wafer crumbs
    4 tablespoons sugar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon soda
    3 to 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
    1 tablespoon cocoa powder
    Blend with spoon

    In a separate bowl:
    1 large egg, beaten until frothy
    1 3/4 cups milk
    Beat together with whisk
    Add 2 tablespoons oil

    Add all of the wet ingredients to the dry. Stir until 1/2 mixed. Add marshmallows and chocolate chips. Stir only until barely mixed.

    Onto the griddle, enjoy.

  3. Diane says

    Tonia: What is peanut butter and chocolate mix? Is this something I can find in the store or would I have to make it? Thanks in advance.

  4. ColleenB. says

    Oh, Yum. These look Wonderful
    Hubby likes his Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal so I just may it in his pancakes.
    Thanks 4 the recipe
    Have a great day

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