S’more Pie Pops Recipe

A s’more is a quintessential summer dessert. This pie pops recipe captures the goodness of s’mores in a flaky pie crust.

S'more Pie Pops Recipe
We had so much fun with the Peanut Butter Cup Pie Pops that I decided to make S’more Pie Pops too! With the arrival of warm weather, everyone wants to be outside. While I was driving around this weekend, I smelled so many bonfires. My nephew was super excited to report that they had their first campfire of the year. S’mores are the summer desserts that go hand in hand with fires. All summer long, we have graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars on hand so that we are ready when the mood strikes. This S’more Pie Pops Recipe has a flaky pie crust instead of the graham crackers. I though about putting a graham cracker inside each pie on a stick but my kids didn’t want me to so I left them out.

Hersheys chocolate barCut a 4.4 oz XL Hershey’s chocolate bar into segments.

Pillsbury Pie DoughUnroll a premade Pillsbury pie crust onto a lightly floured surface. Cut the pie crust circle into a rectangle and cut out six rectangles of dough using the Hershey’s bar pieces as a guide for the size. Take the dough scraps, knead them together and roll it out to cut out two more rectangles. I was able to make four large S’more Pie Pops from one crust.

Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows S'moresPut three Hershey’s chocolate bar segments on four of the rectangles of pie crust. Top the Hershey’s bars with Kraft Jet Puffed mini marshmallows.

Assemble Smore Pie PopsPut another rectangle of dough on top of the marshmallows and add a lollipop stick.

Pie On A StickFold up the edges of the dough and press to seal.

S'more Pie Pops Recipe Kraft MarshmallowsUse a fork to crimp the edge together.

Pie Pop Egg WashBrush the s’more pie pops with a beaten egg white.

S'mores Recipe Chocolate Pie PopsBake at 375°F for 14-17 minutes. The mini marshmallows will puff up and disappear but the crust will keep the shape of them. Some of the liquid marshmallows leaked out of the pie pops but it didn’t matter. When the s’more pie pops come out of the oven, let them cool for a couple of minutes and then press the lollipop sticks down into the chocolate. That way, once the chocolate hardens the stick will be embedded in it. My kids absolutely loved these pie pops. The like them even more than the peanut butter cup pie pops and said they tasted just like s’mores!

S’more Pie Pops Recipe
Cook time
Total time
  • 1 pie crust
  • 4.4 oz Hershey's XL Milk Chocolate Bar
  • 2 cups mini marshmallows
  • 1 egg white - beaten
  • Pinch of flour
  1. Preheat oven to 375°F.
  2. Unroll pie crust onto a lightly floured surface.
  3. Cut chocolate bar into segments.
  4. Cut crust into rectangles.
  5. Knead and roll dough scraps to cut out more rectangles.
  6. Put 3 chocolate bar segments and about 10 mini marshmallows on a rectangle of dough.
  7. Top with another rectangle and add a lollipop stick.
  8. Roll edges and crimp with a fork.
  9. Place pie pops on baking sheet and brush with egg white.
  10. Bake at 375°F for 14-17 minutes.
  11. Allow pie pops to cool for a couple of minutes before pressing the lollipop stick down into the chocolate bar to stabilize it.

Don’t want to turn on your oven? Try my S’mores Hand Pie on the GRILL!

S'mores Hand Pies | thegunnysack.com

S’more Hand Pies

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  1. Tammy says

    I have made pie pops with all kinds of pie fillings. I used mini muffin pans in order to create a pocket to put the filling in.. and I used Popsicle sticks instead of sucker sticks made it a little sturdier to hold

    • Tonia says

      I’ve never tried it, but it sounds delicious! You might not be able to make “pie pops” using puff pastry since it might be too flaky to hold the stick in place. But you can make “hand pies” instead! Let us know how it turns out! ~Tonia

  2. Lisa says

    Thanks so much for the inspiration! we made these as round mini-pies for my daughter’s PI day celebration at school tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear how the kids liked them! We sprinkled graham crackers on top and they look great!

  3. Caitlin says

    I made these lastnight and they did not work out at all. The marshmallow completely disspeared and the pie crust was dry and just crumbled. I was so excited for these and in the end they were just a dissapointment.

  4. Becky C says

    I am so glad you have your name printed on your picture! I pinned what I thought was your recipe but it took me to a bogus website. I noticed your name on the picture so I searched Pinterest and found a couple of pages are actually using your picture, some not linking back to you! How rude!?!

    Anyway, the recipe looks great and these pops look yum! I will be deleted the bogus pin and repinning so you get credit for you own work! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Tonia says

      Thanks so very much, Becky! Unfortunately, that is a very frustrating part of being a blogger. You can report bogus pins to Pinterest by clicking the little flag on the pin.

      • Kristi says

        Ditto what Becky said! I saw your pin and someone had written a description with the pin saying this recipe uses refrigerated cookie dough. I knew that couldn’t be right so I googled the name on the photo and found your original recipe here (using pie crust as I suspected!). Also the pin I saw was leading to a spam site, so i flagged it.

  5. Sarah says

    I tried making them but I didn’t make them look so pretty but they tasted like a s’more and also I used crushed up graham crackers on the bottom of the chocolate ANSI on top of the crust

  6. says

    i’m going to give these a shot tonight, but with a twist. i’m going to make them in a mini cupcake tin and put just the chocolate inside. right before they’re done, i’m going to set a couple of marshmallows on top to melt, and as soon as they come out, i’m going to sprinkle crumbled graham crackers on top. i’ll let you know how they turn out.

  7. Shannon says

    I hate to be the only person to not like these, however I was less than impressed. They literally taste like melted chocolate in a pie crust. The marshmallow completely melts and there’s no marshmallow taste in the end product. These DO NOT taste like s’mores at al!!! They are also time consuming to make, especially for the end product. Sorry to be the Debbie-Downer, it is what it is, and that’s not anything like s’mores.

  8. Koni says

    Someone pinned this stating it was Smore Sugar Cookies – but the link was not there. I did see your “the Gunny Sack” on the photo and found the recipe. I attached your website when I repined it – so hopefully others will find the recipe. Thanks – I looks great and I have those friends (adults that act like kids) who will love this!!

    • Tonia says

      I’ve never tried it but I imagine it would work pretty much the same way. I would love to hear how they turn out. Thanks for stopping by Maddy!

  9. Delsha Sledge says

    I’m making these as a gift and so I’m making them the night before the party. How can I keep them fresh overnight?

    • Tonia says

      Hi Kristin,
      You only need one egg white. Best of luck with your pie pops and thanks for stopping by!

  10. Erin says

    I’m so glad I found this recipe.
    Couple of questions: If I’m not making these for children and am instead making them for just me, can I just omit the lollipop sticks altogether? Also, is there any significance for the egg white specifically, or can I just go ahead and use a regular beaten egg, yolk and all?

  11. Christina says

    They look really good and all but I couldn’t make them because some of this stuff (pie crusts, Hershey’s chocolate, mini marshmallows) Are not available in my country… The idea is great though.

    • Tonia says

      Hi Julie,
      I’ve never tried using a substitute for egg whites but here is what I found on the Versatile Vegetarian blog http://versatilekitchen.blogspot.com/2011/05/egg-substitutes.html:
      Best egg wash replacer:
      Egg wash gives such a beautiful color to the baked bread or roll or pie crust, that it makes a very appetizing dish. Best alternative to egg wash is by using heavy cream. Brush with heavy cream. Since everyone doesn’t have heavy cream on hand all the time (I know I don’t), other alternative is to mix equal parts of oil, milk and sugar. Add a pinch of salt and whisk and brush the unbaked loaves. It gives a beautiful color since sugar caramelizes and browns the dough.

      I hope it works for you!

  12. KymberLee Voss-Trevino says

    I live in Edgewood, NM and we’re under extreme fire restrictions no open fires anywhere. Well I’ve been craving S’mores and with this recipe I think I’m going to satisfy my cravings. Can’t wait!

  13. Taylor says

    I bought all the ingredients to bake this today … my only question is once I bake them can they be reheated and eaten a day or two later? Thanks!!

    • Tonia says

      Hey Taylor, my kids ate them the next couple of days but they didn’t warm them up. But like other pies, I would think you could heat them up. Best of luck!

  14. Eley says

    This idea is great ! But I tried these just now and they came out a lot different 🙁 The dough was over cooked for 14 minutes, they were sort of dry, and something was lacking without the marshmallows! I just cut them in half, shoved marshmallows into the spaces, and ate them like that ! Next time, I’ll either try different dough or less cooking time, stuffing ‘mallows in, as well as a powdered sugar topping for little s’more pastries 😉

    • Tonia says

      Hello Eley, I’m sorry to hear that they didn’t turn out for you but I’m happy that you found a way to salvage them! I would love to hear how they turn out the next time you try them with the changes you plan to make. Have a great week! ~Tonia

      • melissa says

        I tried them and they were dry. They looked good, but very deceitful! It lacked the marshmallow taste.

        • Allyson says

          I agree…mine didn’t have any marshmallows, they completely melted and sure they sweetened the crust, but I want that real gooey marshmallow bite! Is that not what is meant to happen?

          • Tonia says

            Hi Allyson,
            Like I mentioned in my post, the same thing happened to me. The mini marshmallows disappeared. 🙂 Best of luck!

  15. Nami says

    Every winter (usually January) we crank up the heat, grab bathing suits, fill the jacuzzie with blue water and spread out the checkered picnic cloth…in the house!! These will be Perfect for our picnic…no flames required! TYVM 😀

  16. cynthia says

    What about crushing the grham crackers and putting them inside or on top =D these look so good can’t wait to try them

    • Anna says

      Katie could you maybe have added a little to much Marshmallows? Did you crimp the pie dough all the way around?

    • Tonia says

      Hi Katie,
      I had some leakage too, like I mentioned in the post. I’m not sure how to avoid it but it didn’t seem to matter. They were delicious anyway! I wonder how they would turn out using marshmallow cream? Thanks for stopping by to let me know you made them!

  17. Jennifer says

    I made these today for a bake sale and of coarse had to try one. OMG they are awesome. I did crumble up the graham cracker and sprinkle on top of the chocolate before I added the marshmallows. Worked real well. Plus I think it help hold the marshmallow favor in.

  18. karen says

    A friend shared this site. One look at the s’more pop recipe and reading what Tonia had to say…I added it to my favorites list right away. I’m excited to keep track of this site!!!

  19. happygurlfl says

    I’m definitely thinking some crushed graham crackers in the chocolate and mallow mixture! Trying this out this week for sure!!

  20. Barbara says

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe, Tonia, as fires aren’t allowed at our complex, and I am really not into making s’mores over a nasty barbecue, and without a car, cannot get out to the woods. Now I have another way to make the delicious summer treat that I so love. One question, though, have you ever tried making them with homemade pie dough? that’s one more cost saving trick for me if you think it would work as well, as I am on a limited income and costs are a big issue for me….thanks so much 🙂

  21. Yvonne says

    Great Idea! I am gonna make these with our grandkids. I want to find a recipe for graham craker pie crust or dough or experiment with a recipe of my own. Then they will really taste like a smore!

  22. Judi says

    Great idea for a non fire smores since my townhouse won’t allow bonfires. I love your step by step pictures cuz having the visual and not just directions really helps! Someone should buy you new baking sheets. LOL

  23. Karen says

    Hi Tonia,
    I agree with Anna…I never would have thought to use chocolate chips instead of Hershey Bars. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try them that way 🙂

  24. Karen says

    I agree they look yummy, but has anyone considered the cost? I would need more than four and you can’t buy a Hershey Bar for a nickel anymore 🙁

    • Tonia says

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, you do go through a lot of Hershey’s bars when making s’mores! If you wanted to make these pie pops in a larger quantity, you could make them much smaller in size. Try cutting the crust into squares so that only one square of the Hershey’s bar fits on each piece of pie crust. Another option would be to use chocolate chips instead of a candy bar if the cost of the chocolate is an issue.

      • Anna says

        Hi Tonia,
        I never would have thought to use Chocolate Chips in place of the Hershey’s Bar. Thank you for tell Karen about them.

  25. Tracy says

    These look amazing!!! Im so excited to make them! The pie crust looks wonderful, but wonder if I could make it with filla dough? I just love that kind of dough..so flaky and airy! Also, I think I will , instead of putting an actual graham cracker in there, im going to just crumble the graham crackers and sprinkle a little in there! Soooo cannot wait to try these! And since I just sprayed easy off into my oven to clean it, its gonna have to be tomorrow! Darn! lol…if I had seen this before, the oven would have been the one waiting to get cleaned! hehe. THANKS!! :-)))

    • Tonia says

      You are very welcome! I haven’t worked much with other kinds of dough but I would say go ahead and give it try!

  26. Anna says

    I have to show this Recipe to my daughter & have her make them as we all love s’mores in this house.
    They look so good.

  27. Jamie says

    I just made these for my kids! They can’t wait for them to cool. lol….. They look and smell yummy.

  28. Alice says

    I live in a city where bonfires are pretty hard to come by but I love s’mores! Thank you for this, I’m definitely going to try these for my friends and family!

  29. cin says

    Okay, great thanks!!! I won’t reheat just in case. Are you able to stand these up, or best to leave them laying?

    • Tonia says

      I didn’t have anything to stand them up in but the kids ate them by holding the stick. I think as long as you press the stick into the soft chocolate, after removing them from the oven, the hardened chocolate will hold the sticks in place.

  30. cin says

    Are these good the next day? Want to make these for a party. Do I need to reheat? Thanks so much, they look adorable and delish!!!

    • Tonia says

      Yes! My kids brought them to school on the second and third day after I made them and they were still delicious! As far as reheating goes, the problem would be that the lollipop sticks only stay in place when the chocolate hard. So, if you do decide to warm them up, make sure you only warm them a little so that it softens but not melts the chocolate. Thanks Cin and good luck with your party!

  31. Holly says

    Making a tester batch now before I make loads for my friends birthday, I’m sure they’ll go down a treat!

  32. says

    I love smores! I can’t think of anything better than a fire toasted marshmallow with chocolate! These little pie pops look so good. I am definitely going to have to try them in place for the more traditional {and messy} smores from the fire.

  33. says

    I LOVE smores. They remind me when as a child we would travel south to visit my great grandma and we always would roast smores over a bonfire. I seriously need to make these asap!

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