Chicken Alfredo Stuffed French Bread

Chicken Alfredo Stuffed French Bread

Chicken Alfredo Stuffed French Bread is a crusty loaf of bread with cheesy chicken alfredo inside. It can be served as a meal or as a savory party dish. I’m excited to partner with Reynolds for this post. Looking back over my most popular posts from the past year, I noticed that you love chicken alfredo as much as we do! We love making chicken alfredo pizza, chicken alfredo spaghetti squash, and chicken alfredo tortellini. Now we have another recipe to add to the list: Chicken Alfredo Stuffed ... read more

Easy Watermelon Salsa Recipe

Watermelon Salsa Recipe

The watermelon salsa recipe is so fun when served from a watermelon bowl at parties! It is delicious with chips or on top of grilled chicken or ... read more

Tropical Fruit Pretzel Pecan Salad

Tropical Fruit Pretzel Salad

With the endless stream of summer cookouts, it's time for another summer salad recipe. This Tropical Fruit Pretzel Salad is cool and creamy with ... read more

Easy Strawberry Sauce Recipe

Strawberry Sauce Recipe

Oh, those summer strawberries...aren't they delicious? I remember going strawberry picking when I was a kid and it was so much fun! One of the things ... read more

Dirty Chai Latte Recipe

Dirty Chai Latte

My sister works at a restaurant and she knows that I love chai tea so she mentioned to me recently that some of the diners order a dirty chai latte. ... read more

Homemade Cinnamon Snack Toast Recipe

Cinnamon Snack Toast

Have you ever heard of cinnamon snack toast? It is a crunchy, crispy cinnamon toast that has small, but intensely dedicated following. Unfortunately, ... read more

Bloomin' Peach Melba Recipe with ice cream and raspberry sauce

Bloomin’ Peach Melba

Last week while I was shopping I spotted peaches and nectarines in the grocery store and got excited. Last summer, my daily breakfast was a ... read more


Drop Of Sunshine Giveaway

Happy Friday everyone! I'm looking forward to the weekend and am excited to share a fun giveaway with you today! My friend Julie from Julie's Eats and ... read more

Handful Soy Vay Popped Rice Clusters

Summer Tasting Party

Summer vacation is here and my kids haven't wasted any time starting the VACATION part of the summer. Vanessa had some girlfriends sleep over and they ... read more