Red Velvet Oreo Fudge Recipe

Three Ingredient Red Velvet Oreo Fudge

This Three Ingredient Red Velvet Oreo Fudge recipe has smooth, creamy fudge with crunchy cookies inside. Cut into heart shapes for a Valentine's Day dessert! One of the recipes you all love the most on my blog is my recipe for Three Ingredient Peppermint Oreo Fudge. And I realized that I really should make a Valentine's Day version. I've been searching high and low for Red Velvet Oreos to use in this recipe because the cookies are red instead of black and they are finally available in stores ... read more


Easy Meal Plan #33

Last week my oldest daughter had a birthday. We want to go out to eat to celebrate but got a huge snowstorm instead. So, we had a delicious dinner at ... read more

Slow Cooker Orange Beef Recipe

Slow Cooker Orange Beef

Try this Slow Cooker Orange Beef crockpot recipe for a family dinner on a busy day. Put it in the morning and it will be ready at dinnertime. I was ... read more


Easy Meal Plan Sunday #32

It's the last day of January and that means we are one month closer to the return of spring! Speaking of spring though, we had the most gorgeous ... read more

Salted Caramel Pecan Bars Recipe

Salted Caramel Pecan Bars

What is it about caramel and salt that go together so well? I know it is partially the sweet/salty thing but it's not like you take salt and sprinkle ... read more

Easy Frittata Recipe

Easy Frittata Recipe

This Easy Frittata Recipe is a skillet egg bake that is low carb without a crust. This delicious breakfast is a great way to start the day! My ... read more


Easy Meal Plan Sunday #31

How many of you are snowed in? I think some of you on the east coast have more snow than we do here in Minnesota. We had a pretty laid back weekend ... read more

Easy White Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Easy White Chicken Enchiladas

This Easy White Chicken Enchiladas recipe is full of flavor with tender chicken, creamy filling, and cheesy sauce! It is perfect for an easy family ... read more

Valentine's Day Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake

This Red Velvet Cake is easy to make and looks impressive! The luscious layers of cream cheese filling and soft cake are perfect for a Valentine's Day ... read more


Easy Meal Plan Sunday #30

Seriously, can it get any COLDER? The high today is supposed to reach only -8F with a windchill of -35F to -45F. If you don't know what windchill is, ... read more

Smoothie Booster Recipe With Protein Powder, Chia Seeds and Ground Flaxseeds

Smoothie Booster Recipe

Make mornings easier by premixing this Smoothie Booster recipe with protein powder, chia seeds, and ground flaxseed so that is ready to go in just one ... read more