Bacon Cheeseburger Soup Recipe

I made this Bacon Cheeseburger Soup with a salad using Campbell’s® Sauces as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #CampbellsSauces

Bacon cheeseburger soup #CampbellsSauces

Is there anything better than a warm bowl of hearty soup on a cold winter day? After having a couple of warmer days, the temperature dropped again and it is freezing cold. So cold that our neighbor’s pipes froze and we’ve had guys with jackhammers and heavy equipment, working between our houses, from dawn to dusk the last couple of days. They got a little overzealous in their drilling and cut through our phone and internet cable, so we are without service until someone can come repair it. In addition to all of that craziness, we’ve had some minor virus going around and we are getting ready for out-of-town guests this weekend. Whew! I needed an easy dinner recipe to make for my family, so I made delicious Bacon Cheeseburger Soup!

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Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe

Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup

Last spring, Christine and I met with one of my friends at a soup restaurant for dinner. One of the soups that they had on the menu was chicken pot pie soup. I had never heard of it, but since we love chicken pot pie, we decided to try the soupand were disappointed. We all agreed that a homemade version would be much better. With the cooler temps we’ve been having, it was the perfect time to try making it. The slow cooker chicken pot pie soup turned out great and I served it with thin, crispy puff pastry Italian breadsticks.

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Chicken and Ham Wild Rice Soup

This Chicken Wild Rice Soup recipe contains ham for added flavor. It is perfect for cold winter days!

Chicken and Ham Wild Rice SoupIt’s still cold here in Minnesota. So cold that we paid to go ice skating indoors this weekend, rather than using one of the free outdoor rinks. Everyone is sick of the cold weather and the snowbanks that are so high you can’t see over them in some places. What do you do when it is so cold out (besides rack up a huge heating bill)? You make comfort food like warm soup for dinner.

Wild rice is very prevalent here in Minnesota. We have wild rice soup, wild rice salad and eat wild rice, often mixed with white rice, as a side dish. For much of my life, I never even gave wild rice a thought and just figured that everyone else ate wild rice like we did. Then, one time when I had out of state company and served them wild rice soup, they made a comment about all of the wild rice in Minnesota and how we must really like it. It made me realize that not everyone else has it as much as we do. I found out that wild rice is the Minnesota state grain. It is native to North America and grows predominantly in the Great Lakes region. For many years, nearly all the wild rice produced in the world came from Minnesota, and most still does.
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Slow Cooker White Chili With Chicken

Slow cooker recipes are perfect for busy days. This White Chili with Chicken recipe was made in my vintage Crock Pot and served with homemade cornbread.

White Chili With Chicken RecipeThings have once again gotten really busy! This time it isn’t the holidays but rather it is work. Many of you who are bloggers know that for the past couple of years, I’ve been doing work as a campaign leader because you’ve worked with me on campaigns. Well, I just took on a campaign involves a large number of bloggers over a very short period of time. Call me crazy (and you might be right) but taking it on has more to do with the fact that we bought a car recently and the thought of making a car payment than anything. When things get busy, family life still goes on. Everyone needs clean clothes, dishes need to be washed and everyone needs to eat. So, I pulled out my Crock Pot and made White Chili with Chicken! It cooked all day yesterday while I worked.

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Pizza Soup with Homemade Croutons

Pizza Soup and homemade croutons are something that my son has been asking me to make for a long time now. My daughter Christine came up with a pizza soup recipe that includes noodles and pepperonis but I wanted to make a soup that was smoother.

Pizza Soup Homemade Croutons Recipe

I made this for dinner a couple of weeks ago and put the leftovers in the freezer. Zack had a friend over yesterday, because they didn’t have school and they wanted the leftover pizza soup for lunch. I warmed it up in the microwave and while the two boys were eating I overheard Zack say, “Who could’ve known that something from the freezer could taste this good!” We didn’t have any of the homemade croutons left, so they used store bought ones and they said that although they weren’t as good as the homemade ones, they were still pretty good.

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